Selling your home in Majorca

Selling Your Property – Some Useful Tips

There has been untold coverage in the news over the past year about the recession and the fall in house prices and their subsequent sales. More recently the news has been filled with optimistic reports of an increase, however slight in home prices and a rise in their sale, which all sounds like good news.

 Real Estate professionals have noticed a decline in the property market, however sales are still happening and not just on properties that have hit a rock bottom low in price. The major difference now is, that there seems to be a lot more choice, it does as they say remain a “buyers market”. So if you are hoping to sell how do you make your property stand out from the other similar properties available and make sure that the property bought is your one?

According to recent surveys carried out by top Mortgage providers both “Being clean and tidy” and “Being free from clutter” featured within the top ten of what buyers looked for in a property. Simple one would think, but obviously key points to remember when showing your home to a potential buyer. A home that feels clean and smells welcoming is instantly appealing to a buyer and helps them to imagine spending their time in these circumstances. We don’t   mean that you have to go all out with the home baking smell that has often been spoken about and constantly have a cake in the oven, however simply placing a fresh smelling deoderiser or lemon scented candles in bathrooms may be all you need to make your home more inviting.  Fresh flowers are another fail safe way of instantly brightening and making a room feel fresh. You don’t need to buy a fresh bunch every time, sometimes a simple single bloom or sprig will be just enough colour to create an effective display.

It’s a good idea to de-clutter your home and remove all those knick-knacks and ornaments gathering dust on the shelves. For one thing it’s less stuff to clean! Plus clutter makes your home look smaller,  with this in mind it could also be time to remove unnecessary furniture to make your home look and feel more spacious. You don’t have to throw these things out, just put them into boxes and congratulate yourself on having   started packing for the big move! Whilst you are doing this, stand back and take an objective look at the layout of the room. Could you change the position of anything to create the illusion of more space?

Surprisingly being warm earned a place in the survey, so perhaps it’s an idea to make your home a comfortable temperature when potential buyers come and visit. Warm in the winter, with any drafts blocked and any signs of damp should be treated straight away. And then a fresh breeze in the spring and summer, with perhaps any shady spots highlighted as a great place to relax in the heat of a Summer day. Remember that you know your property, don’t forget to speak up when a buyer is looking around, your favourite spot may well become the point that they remember most and will make the difference of your property being a home not just another house.

First and Second place in the survey went to new kitchens and new bathrooms. Not always an   easy feature to change, especially if you are looking for a quick sale and perhaps don’t have the time or funds to have a complete re-fit. It may be worth considering as the cost of a refit can often be outweighed by the increase in value to your home, however if this really is out of the question, perhaps new towels in a bright colour might be just what your bathroom needs to give it a sunny facelift and you can always take those with you when you move! Also if you have lots half-finished shampoos and other leaky products try decanting them into glass bottles. They’ll look much more glamourous on your shelves and may even make a pretty display.

Also modern appliances feature as a better selling point that older ones, so if your microwave has seen better days, remove that and any other unnecessary older kitchen appliances from view. If your kitchen is in need of an uplift but you really can’t afford to have a new one fitted, why not consider a simple   but effective trick and perhaps change the door handles for more modern ones, you’ll be surprised just what a difference this can make. Alternatively cupboard doors could get a lick of paint or you could even have a go at changing them. This would give the impression of a newly fitted kitchen at a faction of the cost.

Just remember that first impressions really count. Approach your home as a potential buyer would and literally try to take a walk round in their shoes. So start where they will start and that’s at the front door. Make sure the bell works and take a moment to polish your knocker! Take a look at any flower boxes and be sure to dead head any wilting flowers and trim the grass. Once in the hallway, put the pile of unworn shoes, flip flops or wellies away, plus tidy up that key or junky coin bowl. It may sound obvious, but any rubbish bins should be empty and any obvious repairs should be dealt with. A running toilet or a squeaky door are things that the buyer will notice and have to add to their to do list. If you present a welcoming home to a buyer they will look at it as a potential home for themselves, and you never know once you’ve smartened the place up, you might just want to stay!!!

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