Nature Reserves

Majorca’s Nature Reserves

mondrago nature reserve, majorcaMondrago nature park is located on the South East coast of Mallorca, a few kilometres South of Cala D’Or. Mondrago natural park is centered around two larger bays with golden sand beaches. Surrounding these beaches is coastline in its natural form with walking paths among the pine trees leading along the coast. You can find a diversity of water birds such as the coot, redshank and black-necked grebe nesting on the area.

Parking is located about 500 meters from the main beaches, on top of a slope and costs a few euros. At the bottom next to the first beach, there is a beachside restaurant and hotel. One of the main beaches in the nature park of Mondrago is called s’Amarador , which was selected as the best beach of Europe 2008 by the website

cabrera nature reserve, majorcaCabrera
Cabrera is a one of the best preserved marine areas on the Spanish coastlines. It is a nature park available for visitors including group of islands, calcareous rocky isles and underwater archaeological sites.

S’Albufera is a nature reserve, a marshy coastline formed by lakes and natural and artificial canals. It stands out for the variety of fauna: martens, weasels, tortoises and the calopet and for rare birds such as: the marsh harrier, little bittern, black-winged stilt, purple heron, ‘vascon’ and moustached warbler. A small museum offers information on the birds and plants that can be seen in the Nature Reserve. Surface: 1709 Hectares

Sa Calobra
sa calobra nature reserve, majorcaSa Calobra is a small beach in a spectacular location at the mouth of the Torrent de Pareis gorge. The beach is surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range and it is accessed through a road that winds like spaghetti and even does a 270 degree loop at the highest point (900m above the sea level), but the trip is definitely worth the ride. There are also bus excursions available, if you don’t prefer driving these kind of serpentine roads yourself.

island of dragonera - nature reserve, majorca

Sa Dragonera
The Nature Reserve is formed by three islands: Pantaleu, Mitjana and Sa Dragonera. It is separated from Mallorca by a small channel. Sa Dragonera has almost unspoiled territory with well preserved ecosystem.

You can find rich colonies of bird life on the nature reserve, including the herring gull, shag, and, especially Eleonor’s falcon. Surface: 301 Hectares

In 1982, a plan was launched with twenty specimens of black vultures to prevent the extinction of this species’ sole population on the island. Although the issue of the declining black vulture population was first raised in 1970, effective measures to halt the extinction and encourage the recovery of the species took place were not implemented until the early years of the following decade. The Fundación para la Conservación del Buitre Negro (Black Vulture Conservation Foundation, BVCF) came on board the project and, together with the authorities, ecologist associations and volunteers, developed a successful programme to recover these birds, which today number 110. Benefitting from this experience and joining forces with the Fundación para la Conservación del Quebrantahuesos (the Bearded Vulture Conservation   Foundation), the new Foundation is working to protect a number of different European vultures: Aegypius monachus (Black Vulture), Gypaetus barbatus (Bearded Vulture), Gyps fulvus (Griffon Vulture) and Neophron percnopterus (Egyptian Vulture).

Those interested in visiting the centre may contact the entity to get to know its facilities and projects.

The Balearic Islands are home to places of great interest to nature lovers and bird-watchers. Visit the naturaleza section on our website.

Fundación para la Conservación del Buitre Negro (BVCF)
Centro para la Conservación de la Vida Silvestre Mediterránea
Finca Son Pons s/n, Ctra Palma – Alcudia, km 38,200
07310 Campanet, Mallorca – Illes Balears, España
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