Permagard Boat Protection

Permagard Boat Protection

Purchasing a boat will probably represent the second largest investment you will ever make. Permagard provides a new concept for the protection of paint-work and gel coat which will enhance your investment and make ownership a much more enjoyable experience.

Permagard is applied by highly trained technicians on all types of boats and motor yachts ranging from 5 metres to 60 metres, throughout Europe, Scandinavia and North America.

perma-gard boat protectionPermagard is a permanent specialist treatment which can be applied on new and used vessels.

Permagard means a great deal more:

Permagard seals the external finish of your
boat protecting it from the extremes of the elements. 

Provides a brilliant long lasting shine without creating a single swirl mark. 

Protects against fading and oxidisation caused by external attack from ultraviolet and infrared rays. 

Protects against loss of shine due to acid rain and industrial fallout. 

Easy to clean, no need to polish. 

It’s extremely slick finish is very smooth to the touch and makes it more difficult for salt and grime to adhere to the treated surfaces. 

It’s slick finish can improve the vessel’s performance (speed) and reduce fuel consumption. 

Permagard does not contain wax, therefore does not have to be stripped off from time to time. 

Will not create repaint problems. 

Treated surfaces will never   require to be compounded.

Address: Avda. Gabriel Roca s/n, Club de Mar
07015 Palma de Mallorca – Spain

Project Manager- Javier Laguna: tel. +34 677389791
Sales department: +34 630788323 (English)

perma-gard boat protection

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