Sebastian Bispo, Artist

Sebastian Bispo was borned 1975 in Cubatoao, Sao Paulo, Brasil. He had a hard childhood growing up in one of the poorer areas of Sao Paulo. But even if his dream seemed difficult to fulfill he never lost the hope of becoming a great artist.

He started drawing as a young child and took part in as many art events and competitions as he could – always with great success! As a teenager he took many courses in art to develope different styles and more andvanced techniques within painting and drawing. In 1998 he completed his fine art studies at the university Santista, Sao Paulo, which gave him great will and inspiration of starting his own independent art business.

In 2003 he decided to move to Europe to fulfill his dream. Palma de Mallorca, Spain, was where he opened his first art gallery in 2004, situated in the popular comercial centre Festival Park. The same year he participaited in a speed painting competition and won first price.

There is no doubt that Sebastian was born to become a great artist! His colorful work, broad variaty of styles, and the ability to put emotions and life into his work have impressed people not only in Spain -but also Portugal, Holand, England, Germany and Sweden.

Now he is focusing on the painting classes he will start giving in Palma de Mallorca in October, and are also planning an exhibition this winter.

The painting and drawing course by Sebastian Bispo starts October 6th 2011. He will teach you the techniques with oil and aclylic, in your preferred style – classic, abstract, modernism, impressionism and more!

The classes will take place in C./ San Sebastián, Palma de Mallorca, every thursday evening.

He also offer private classes (one to one) for a more intense learning.
Beginner to advanced!

For enrolement and information please contact:
(+34)      671 776 811  / 603 232 408  / 971 718 942
or email

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