New Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition presented in Monte Carlo

n association with Monaco Boat Service, during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Wider presented
in Monte Carlothe new Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition, the evolution of the day cruiser which
wrote a new chapter in pleasure boating.

A year after the world première of the most innovative and performing day cruiser on the market
today, Tilli Antonelli and his team, always heedful of boat owners and prospects demand, have
developed some interesting new on-board features. Whilst still maintaining the fundamental
characteristics of the project, they have made the yacht even more efficient, functional and
flexible in order to adjust to any requirement, especially in terms of energy saving.

The new Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition represents an evolution of the original model, a new version
the conception of which has been possible thanks also to the precious suggestions of Monaco Boat
Service and in particular of Mrs. Lia Riva, who has been contributing to the success of European
pleasure boating.

The evolution lies in further lightening the yacht where the use of carbon is again a fundamental
ingredient. The new layout of the cockpit provides for a great flexibility thanks to interchangeable
solutions, where a lunchtime dinette has been fitted out in the center of the cockpit – the very heart of
the boat – entirely made of carbon, with a table that is raised electrically and can be turned into a
comfortable sundeck or smart chaise longue.
To service this area a unit equipped as an outdoor galley which includes a sink, large central work
surface with teppanyaki griddle and a 51 lt. movable ice-box has been designed so owners and their
guests can have soft drinks and fresh fruit to hand at all times. A ceramic glass burner and a 50Ltr.
built-in fridge can also be added on request.

The new layout of the external furnishings makes it possible to accommodate up to 12 people
seated comfortably.

Moreover, the driving console now has additional space where essential items for life onboard, such as sun
cream, mobile phones and sunglasses, can be stowed.

Her lines characterised by well-known designer Fulvio De Simoni, the new Wider 42’ inaugurates the
fleet and launches the wider cockpit category, proposing herself as a day-cruiser with strong design
features, to be driven and enjoyed in an extraordinary mixture of adrenalin and fun. She is ready to transform
and adapt to many different demands and offer a wide range of solutions for guaranteeing comfort and stability
which were previously unthinkable in a yacht of this size. Wider 42’ is one of a kind as she is able to double
the usable surface area of the cockpit and achieve astounding stability in just 12 seconds, thanks to two
extensions either side of the hull operated by means of an automatic patented system.




Wider epitomises the modern concept of energy saving, focussing on using engines and aerodynamic shapes
in materials able to guarantee huge savings in consumption and a lower environmental impact. This has
been possible thanks to the shape of the so-called stepped hull which enables the yacht to maintain a
highly dynamic sailing trim, improving performance and guaranteeing constant visibility.
The stepped hull, in fact, comes from racing yachts, whilst it is still rather unusual in pleasure boating.
It is by no chance that the design of the Wider 42’ hull was entrusted to Mark Wilson, one of the top experts
in the field of racing yachts, who also designed those with which his son won the World Championships three times,
once in class P2 and twice in class P1.
The excellent weight/power ratio of the Wider 42’ enables her to reach a top speed of 50 knots and a cruise
speed of 40 whilst registering consumption of just 110 lt./h for the two 480hp Cummins engines. The result
is a range of over 350 miles at 40 knots, previously unthinkable for a yacht of this kind. versatility, design,
comfort and new materials

The versatility of the various environments characterizes both the cockpit furnishings and interior
layout of the boat, which guarantees complete comfort during a day at sea. Going down into the cabin,
there is a kitchenette to the left, with a double fridge unit, freezer and ice-maker totaling 160 lt.,
a work surface with sink, ceramic glass hob with one burner and housing for an optional
microwave above. The dinette is furnished with C-shaped seating with upholstery which can be personalized
facing a flat screen LED TV- The seating can be turned into a large, comfortable double bed in case
of need, in order to guarantee complete comfort during the night.

To the right there is the head, fitted with a large crystal shower cubicle, washbasin and carbon toilet,
in line with the rest of the essential, modern furnishings. The classical cabinets for stowing belongings
have been replaced in the living area with leather bags in which those onboard can pack all they need for
their stay on the boat at home, and then hang them on the broadsides and take them home at the end of the
cruise, instead of cases. A fun park at sea

The characteristics of the Wider 42’ make her an out fun park to experience in the open sea:
the classical heavy, cumbersome fixed fibreglass seating has been replaced with inflatable seats.
When necessary they can be also be used as floating airbeds and seats in the water for total relaxation –
completely removing the dividing line between yachts and the sea. Produced in
transparent polyurethane and equipped with a small compressor, when not in use the seats can be replaced
in the space of the broadsides of the mobile terraces. Moreover, in order to guarantee maximum versatility
of use of the Wider 42’, it is possible to choose between two different layouts for the stern: the first with
a 3.4m jet ski in an uncovered garage; the second with sundeck and hangar, which can house a 2.75m tender and
offer further stowage space that can be used for diving equipment for example.
The layouts are interchangeable and owners can simply choose to have a large, comfortable stern sundeck as well.

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