Acupuncture for Anxiety by Anne Verrinder

Anxiety comes in a variety of forms, from mild worrying about an upcoming speech or exam to phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, a nervous stomach, and even panic attacks. Some anxiety is a normal healthy response to the stresses of daily life and new situations; however, anxiety that occurs randomly or in an excessive manner is a sign for concern. Fortunately, acupuncture can help balance both the mental and physical manifestations of this condition returning you to a more balanced life.
When anxiety occurs, you may experience the obsessive thoughts circling the fearful situation you are experiencing, and physical symptoms such as chest pain, increased heart rate, shortness of breath, stomach ache, nausea, or headaches to name but a few symptoms
Acupuncture is the perfect match for your anxiety especially if you are looking for an alternative way of dealing with it. As you may already know constant demands and pressures at work or at home may bring about problems of anxiety. Those who work too hard and do not take good care of themselves are sure to end up utterly exhausted at the end of the day. If they keep this up, the strain of their jobs and the way they live their lives will catch up with them, causing their mind and body to become totally exhausted due to constant overuse. With this lack of adequate rest and proper outlet for the negative tensions in their body, they may gradually develop and suffer from anxiety disorders.
If you are one of those who live their lives under immense pressure, I have to warn you that living with anxiety can pose as a very big challenge. Often , it can push you beyond your limits. It presses you to face scary situations in which most of the time you cannot do anything but flee from fear. The overwhelming feelings of this anxiety results not only to mental impairment but physical and social dysfunctions as well.
With these mental, physical, and social problems, the wisest thing left for you to do is seek professional help. Typically, doctors prescribe the use of antidepressants and or anxialytics. But these drugs have serious side effects. If you are currently receiving prescription medications and you are feeling that maybe this treatment is not for you, you should be considering acupuncture as an alternative treatment. Acupuncture is known to be good if not the best alternative medicine for those suffering from anxiety disorders.
In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that there is oneness and connection in all things. This theory leads us assume that there is a close association between the mind and body. So, if you are ill, always anxious, or just simply feeling bad and having a terrible day, there is a problem not only with your body but also with your mind. The anxiety you are feeling is viewed as some imbalance of energy flow inside your body. Since there are certain pathways in your body that are blocked by the constant negative thinking, using specific acupuncture points will restore the energy balance. Thus, you will become relaxed and rejuvenated.
In TCM energy called ‘chi’ is known as the fundamental energy source everyone is dependent on. This energy flows through twelve separate yet interconnected channels in the human body. By using needles or sometimes pressure or heat on areas where these channels intersect, the blockage of energy in the body will be stopped. Once this is done, you will feel a lot better than the previous agitated stage you were in.
In summary, acupuncture for anxiety does not only heal the anxiety itself but the underlying causes of the disorder. It tries to identify and hit the right spot of the body that triggers a person to be anxious. For instance, one common cause of anxiety and depression is lack of serotonin. Acupuncture is known to stimulate the body to produce more serotonin.
However, Drugs or any other form of intervention will not be successful as long as you do not fully cooperate and actively work on your anxiety at all levels. Therefore it will help if you make some lifestyle changes as well, and if your anxiety is controlled and you body more balanced you will have more energy and drive to take action
Regardless of whether you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or some other emotional difficulty, making changes in your lifestyle can help balance your mind. The mind likes to attach to negative emotions and resists acceptance of new ideas. However, consider beginning a program of exercise to help circulate your own energy and studying a form of meditation to learn how to control and relax your mind. Activities such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga are excellent forms of mind-body exercise that can improve your ability to control both anxiety and depression. Practicing these arts in conjunction with regular acupuncture treatments will provide the foundation for a positive change in your life

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