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Delivery-World are specialists in delivering yachts. Our expertise and experience guarantees safe, reliable and affordable transfer of your valuable property from one location to another.

Delivery-World was founded in 1997 with the aim of filling a gap for a professional yacht delivery service. Our name is our guarantee, and our business has grown mainly through repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

We arrange Yacht Cargo shipping, deliveries by land or sea.

Our professional crew delivers Racing-Yachts, i.e. Volvo Ocean60s, Sailing-Yachts, Power-Yachts and Ships worldwide on their own keel.

In cooperation with our partners worldwide:

Spaiin – Germany – Canaries – Caribbean – Dubai – Thailand

Yacht Deliveries

Delivery-World are specialists in delivering yachts.

Our expertise and experience guarantees safe, reliable and affordable transfer of your valuable property.

We can arrange for delivery skipper, insurance, de-rigging and rigging, custom made shipping cover, independently supplied surveys, documentation…everything to make the transportation of your boat or yacht as easy, and cost effective as possible.

You can benefit from the full range of our services:

Yacht -Transport on Cargo – Ship
In cooperation with our partners we´re offering professional transport aboard freighters.Aside from our timetabled services, we can arrange for your yacht to be shipped to more or less any location of your choice. We ensure that our Port Agents carry out all handling procedures to exacting standards and we have our own stock of specialised shipping cradles and an in-house team of professional Load Superintendents.

The pre check will ensure that the vessel is in appropriate condition prior to the trip so that the delivery will run as smoothly as possible.

Any work deemed necessary will be itemised and the owner informed. If required Delivery-World will quote for, oversee and contact all relevant bodies to undertake any repairs.

Once we have received the required pre-payment, we will then commence arrangements for carrying out the delivery.

Contact us for preparation of no-obligation delivery quote:

Yacht deliveries on sea
The Captains and Crew are sourced for each individual delivery depending upon the requirements for the passage. All are experienced seamen with qualifications. We ensure that our clients are kept informed at every stage of the delivery process for

  • Sailing-Yachts
  • Power-Yachts
  • Ships of all sizes
  • Racing-Yachts

Yacht -Transport Mallorca and Europe overland
We arrange for all aspects of the transport over land for your yacht. We will manage this complex process and also arrange for any ancillary services to take place, for example shrink wrapping or other coverings.

The quote is completely without obligation and free of charge.

Based on the information you send us, we will prepare a quote, and will send you a quote with contract.

To confirm the delivery, please return the contract to us, duly signed. 

For any further information on any of our services, please contact us


Our cooperative partners worldwide

Delivery-World Palma De Mallorca (Spain )

Tom Eugster

Landline:  +34 971 12 14 96

GSM:  +34 650 81 48 84

Delivery-World Deutschland

Tom Klaiss

Landline:+49 / 7446 9 1111

GSM: +49 / 171 20 38 376



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