Viva España! Brits continue to book holidays to Spain in spite of economic concerns




In spite of economic concerns and bailout murmurs, it seems that high spirited British travellers are overlooking the doom and gloom across Spain and other Euro nations by continuing to book holidays to the Iberian land according to Multicom’s travel booking platform FindandBook.

The findings which highlight the number of bookings made in June this year via the FindandBook system shows that the Balearic isle of Mallorca is the most booked flight-only destination and the third most popular place for package holidays.

Indeed figures based on the survey of tourist movements across borders released by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism revealed that 6 million foreign tourists visited Spain in June 2012, a 4.7% increase on the same month last year.

As far as Spanish destinations go, the Balearic Islands were the most visited by international tourists in June with an increase of 5% to 1.58 million thanks to tourist flows from Britain and the Nordic nations according to the survey.

Marc Pritchard, Sales and Marketing Manager of Taylor Wimpey Españaand Mallorquin resident comments,

“Despite Eurozone concerns, Spanish destinations still feature top on holidaymaker’s wish lists thanks to easy access to the rest of Europe, superb weather and cheaper living costs. The recent Self-Catering on a Shoestring 2012 report from the Post Office perfectly reflects just how much you can get for your money in Spain with a weekly family supermarket shop in Mallorca coming to just £57.67. In contrast, the same items purchased in the UK seaside town of Brighton were £31.41 more expensive.

“When it comes to getting more for your money, a favourable exchange rate between Sterling and the Euro combined with Spain’s dip in real estate prices have meant that Spanish property is more attractive to buyers than ever before. Although buyers are understandably a little weary we are encouraging property hunters to strike while the iron is hot particularly as Spain approved a tax increase which could see VAT payable on new property purchases increasing as of the 1st January 2013 from the current 4% super reduced rate to 10%. Buying now would mean that purchasing a property for €180,000 outright before 2013 could save you €10,800 alone in VAT!”

Further highlighting the positive spirit of potential Spanish property buyers,Taylor Wimpey España has revealed that total visits to their website increased by 12.2% between May and June compared to the same period last year with 67% of total web visits deriving from the UK market.

Pritchard comments,

“Despite what you might read regarding Spanish property, our off plan sales this year have done very well across a number of developments. In just 7 months we have sold 50% off plan at Lagunas del Sol, Costa Blanca while we have sold 52% off plan in just 6 months for our Cala Magrana III development in Mallorca. Our biggest success has to be the sell-out of our off plan development at Cala Anguila recently in just 13 months.”

For property hunters looking for high quality affordable property suitable for family living Taylor Wimpey España has some excellent properties on offer in Spain at only 4% VAT until the end 2012.

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