Divine Winetherapy- In Vino Veritas by Jeanne Lurie

Vinoterapia Divino; The sound of it just rolls off the lips in a most delicious, seductive and divine way.

It smells divine, feels divine and it is divine for you and your skin!

Wine is even praised in the bible as a gracious divine blessing.

The root of the word divine as well as wine is literally Godlike; from the Deus in Latin, Zeus in Greek, Div in Persian, Deva in Sanskrit  and Yayin in Hebrew.

The conception of the miraculous origin of wine goes back into distant history and ancient mythology. The birth of wine in agriculture as well as the origin of Bacchus or the God of wine can be dated to more than 8000 years BC.  The Divine or miraculous origin of Wine is anidea that is shared by many ancient cultures due to the fact that wine is a drink that ferments by itself.

Wine therapy is a relaxing, stress releasing massage technique using the active principles of the grape and fermented mosto or the left-overs after the grape has been pressed to produce wine. (Never have left overs felt so good) Wine therapy has antioxidant, detoxing and regenerating properties. The technique is based upon ancient Indian ayurvedic massage technique.  Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest known medical system in the world still highly effective and it´s principles are employed in natural health techniques right up to the present day. Ayurveda principles place a strong emphasis on balancing body, mind and spirit. Ayurvedic techniques are used to ease physical discomfort or dis – ease, relax the mind and to bring inner peace and calm to the spirit.

Wine therapy technique makes use of warm linen sacks or poultices to help to apply pressure and warmth into aching muscles and contractures. One of the advantages of working with these warm sacks is that a firm pressure can be applied to the joints to help to ease tension and discomfortBlood circulation is as well as helping to produce a detoxing effect to the skin. The ingredients used in the poultices are 100% grape extract, making use of the pulp, the seeds and the skin. Wine therapy is therefore rich in flavonoids and polyphenols, both important ingredients in maintaining youth and health. The principle role of the flavonoids is to aid in the interchange at a cellular level and to increase the elimination of toxins. Red grape is recognized for its value as an anti-oxidant due to the polyphenols whose function is to fight against the free radicals responsible for premature ageing of the skin. The grape also contains natural alpha –hydroxides which are known for their capacity to regenerate and to smooth the surface of the skin, to aid in the elimination of dead skin cells and to stimulate the production of collagen so important for the firmness of the skin.

To really spoil yourself begin with a wine and caviar scrub to cleanse and exfoliate the skin followed by a relaxing, stress releasing wine therapy massage technique which leaves you feeling divine with a happy healthy glow to your skin and to your spirit with not the slightest touch of a hangover!!




Beauty Centre La Fuente

‘La Fuente’ Beauty Centre Pamper yourself within the tranquility of Mallorca

Son Net’s beauty & treatment centre is a place where wellness is nurtured amid the peaceful setting of the Mallorcan countryside; delivering a holistic approach by expert practitioner, Jeanne Lurie who is also a yoga master and experienced Pilates teacher.

Jeanne’s healing hands will sooth all the demands and stresses of modern life away. Massages can be enjoyed either in the La Fuente centre in the hotel or in the privacy of a poolside cabana in the open air.

For more information, please send an email to: beauty@sonnet.es






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