Selling your home

1.     Research the Local Property Market

When you start the process of selling your home it is definitely worth researching the local property market to understand what your competition is. It helps to find out whether most buyers are moving into the area, moving within the area – are first-time buyers, up and coming families or older couples. This will give you an idea of who might buy your home and the type of buyer you should be targeting.

2.     Pick The Right Estate Agent

It is important to pick an estate agent you trust, one that has plenty of selling home tips  and whom you can work with easily.  A good place to start is to ask friends and colleagues for recommendations – this can be great way to sort the wheat from the chaff.  Meanwhile check how savvy the agency is online; your property should appear on all the major property search websites.
Choose an agent that primarily sells properties of similar value and size to your own as they will likely specialise in this niche and know from experience the best way to sell your type of house. Lastly, ask three agents to value your property and provide you with their fee. This will give you the opportunity to pick one with the best offer.

3.     Pick the Right Price

Economic times determine whether property prices rise and fall, so it is very possible that the asking price for your home will be different to the one you originally bought it at. If you invested in developing the property you will almost certainly be expecting a return on your investment.
Start by researching prices of homes of similar size and location to your own; compare the state of the property, size of land and how modern their interiors are. With the valuation from your estate agent, you will then be in a position to decide on a price. If there is little interest, you will need to consider lowering your price until you get some viewings. Everything sells at the right price.

4.     Sort Out The Clutter

Your home is on show and anyone who visits it will want to imagine it as their own.  Time to start the process of moving house  and declutter your house. Pack away things which are overly personal and aim to make the interior more spacious, homely yet minimal. This is also an ideal opportunity to give your home a good spring clean.

5.     Home Improvements

Use online property search websites to view similar sized properties by filtering your search on the number of bedrooms and view photographs of properties.  Look at houses online similar to yours and evaluate what work you may need to do to prepare your house for sale.
Anyone buying a home  wants to be wowed, so make it your goal to impress your prospective buyer within seconds of them walking through the door. Redecorate your home in neutral tones and dress it with fresh flowers to stage your house ready for viewing. Remember to fix any nasty problems like cracks and peeling wallpaper – you don’t want to give the wrong impression!
If you are having trouble selling and have lowered your asking price, it may be worth weighing up whether your property would be more attractive to buyers if it had more space. For example you could have a loft conversion or an extension to add another room making your home jump from a three bed to four bed property giving you the chance to get more interest or raise your price.
Be careful to weigh up carefully how much the project might cost against what you may finally get for the house.

6.     Good Photography

Once you have completed the process of decluttering, cleaning and the all important decorating – it is time to do some amazing photography of your home. The agency will most likely take photographs, but be prepared to take your own too which may well show the house in a better light. Aim to take pictures when the sun is shining as it makes everything look so much better, try to get as wider angle as you can to show a room in the best possible way and always photograph the garden when it is in full bloom if you can.

7.     Kerb Appeal

One of the first things people do when they see a house they like on a property site or in an estate agents window, is drive past and have a look for themselves – so it is important your home looks great from the street. It may well be time to spruce up the outside of your house with a lick of paint and get the garden looking amazing. Kerb appeal is really important to achieving the all-important wow factor.

8.     Be  Prepared For Viewings

If you are selling your home then you will most likely be also looking to buy. If so, then viewing a property yourself will help you identify what things prospective viewers look for and the questions you will need to answer. If you are unsure about the kind of questions asked, download the  Home Movers ‘Buying Questions’ guide to help you.
Be sure that before your viewers arrive give everywhere a spring clean, make the house smell fresh and when they arrive give them plenty of space to wander around the house freely.

9.     Choose The Time To Sell Carefully

Different times of year can be more active than others, for example the summer can sometimes be less busy as people are off on their holidays and winter is just too cold. The best time of year to sell is when the weather has picked up and gardens are at their best. Be prepared to make the most of this time.

10.  Evaluate Your Position And Try Again

If your property has been on market for a while with no takers, your asking price is likely to be the root of the problem.  Every house has its own price and this is not the time to give up but instead evaluate whether your home needs improvements, look at wider economic situation to see if it might be worth taking your house of the market for a while or drop the price more if you can.
Go back to the beginning of the whole process and re-evaluate everything from your estate agent, asking price to whether your property has enough kerb appeal and what you can do to make it more attractive.
Piers Scott

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