Inflatable Sofa Beats a Folding Chair

Sea Emporium, a supplier of goods for luxury yachts, has teamed with Blofield Air Design to offer these inflatable sofa sets for use on beaches, on boats, and wherever else waterproof inflatable furniture might come in handy.

The names of these pieces alone make them worth a look. The Big Blo 1 is a single seat, while the Big Blo 2 is designed for a pair of rear ends. There’s also a Baby Blo if you want the kiddies to be as comfortable as the adults.

Blofield says that each of the products inflates within a few minutes by using its custom pump, then can be deflated to fit in a storage bag that you toss into your boat’s lazarette.

None of the Blos are recommended for use in the water, as tempting as the idea may be. The manufacturer says they come clean with soap and a hose, or with a special Blofield solution.

Available colors are stone, white, midnight gray, and black. You get to decide if you want to layer on a neon beach towel just for fun.

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