Messages from the Yoga mat

Every morning I begin my day with Yoga and Meditation. As I sit on my mat, feeling the glorious Mallorcan sunshine on my skin (or fresh English air depending on where I am practicing!) I begin to still my mind. As I move through a number of yoga postures I receive inspired messages about how to make positive changes in our lives. So read on to discover the messages I have received over the last few months…
Do you believe you deserve to be happy?

Of course, you will probably answer yes straight away! However, on closer inspection of the various different aspects of your life, it may be helpful to acknowledge where you are causing yourself some suffering. Do you struggle in the areas of finances, relationships or health? It’s amazing how we prevent ourselves from being truly happy by holding onto limiting beliefs. Consider for a moment one area of your life which is causing you stress. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you hold in this area. How are you viewing this area of your life? When you look at the negatives in a person or situation they grow. If you look for just one positive aspect in the situation, this will grow and you will feel better.

We cause ourselves suffering in many ways, through negative self talk, with thoughts such as ‘ I could have done that better’, ‘why did I do that ten years ago’,’what is the point’ and so on. We all talk to ourselves in this way from time to time (some of us more often than others!) and these thoughts disempower you. The key to releasing suffering is to chose positive, empowering thoughts, followed by inspired action.

So if for example you don’t enjoy your work, look at the positive aspects you do enjoy (there will be at least one thing!) and then look for another, and another. You will quickly find quite a few. You will notice your mood changing, a little smile developing perhaps, and a feeling of expansion. It may well be that it’s time to find a new job, and you will certainly attract one if you are feeling positive about your current situation. So remain focused on what inspires you in your current job, and you will quickly attract an even better job for you.

The energies of this year are helping you to hear your truth, to acknowledge what is right for you, what is empowering for you. When you listen to your truth you feel at peace. Negative, self critical talk is not your truth. That is your ego. Acknowledge this aspect of yourself and choose truthful words and thoughts. The truth is always positive, peaceful and empowering. We create separation in our lives when we come from fear. So how do you recognise when you are coming from fear? Simply notice how you feel. If you have a sinking feeling, or a feeling of heaviness around a certain situation you are coming from fear. For example, if you are afraid of flying, you will feel tense or heavy when you think about it. Now change those thoughts. Consider all the wonderful aspects of flying, such as being able to visit new places, time to yourself to read during the journey, being waited on, watching movies…feel your energy change as you focus on the positives.

The same principles need to be applied in all areas of your life. We sabotage and disempower ourselves by focusing on the negatives, so reclaim your power today and find the ray of hope, the positive in every situation and circumstance you find yourself in. This positive energy will then enable you to attract even better situations into your life, and before you know it you will be living the abundant, joyful, blissful life that is your birth right. Put an end to suffering today. It’s only in your mind and you can chose what you think in every moment. So chose positive, empowering thoughts in each moment and miracles will occur..

Improve your health and increase your wealth!

Consider for a moment that money is energy. If your finances need a
bit of a boost, the chances are that your physical energy needs a
boost too. When you feel energetic and inspired your energy levels
are high, and you attract opportunities in all forms including money.
This is why so much is written about using your natural gifts and
talents to create a working life you really enjoy. When you love
what you do resources flow easily too you. However, even when you
have a passion for what you do completing tasks takes energy. If you
feel lethargic and tired, you will lack the motivation to follow
ideas through and this in turn will effect your financial resources.
Read on to discover more about how you can boost your physical energy
and financial abundance…

7 tips to create better health and increased wealth

What are you saying to yourself right now? Are you giving yourself
a hard time, running a critical dialogue through your mind because
you are taking time to read this article? Or are you happy to take
the time out to relax? It’s a cliché but if you learn to treat
yourself well by creating a supportive inner dialogue you will become
your own best friend. If you value yourself not only will your
financial abundance increase but you will also attract many great
friends and associates who value you too.

Can you accept a compliment? Do you readily accept and beam a smile
of gratitude when given a compliment, or do you shrug it off with a
feeling of embarrassment? This is a good monitor of how open you are
to receiving. If you need a bit of a boost in this area try
repeating the following affirmation each day: I believe and accept
that I deserve the best.

How do you reward yourself? This is not about buying a bar of
chocolate when you are happy with what you’ve achieved (although this
can be a good treat from time to time!) This is about recognising
your successes. So think of three things you are proud to have
achieved in the last month. All too often we berate ourselves for
what we haven’t done, so give yourself a pat on the back for
everything you have achieved this month instead.

Do you focus your energy on others? We spend a lot of time thinking
about other people. By doing this exercise every morning you will
quickly begin to raise your energy levels. Stand tall, with your
feet hip width apart. Open your arms out straight and breath in
deeply. Now as you exhale slowly bring your hands towards your heart
as if you are drawing energy towards your body. Rest your hands on
your chest for 5 seconds before repeating this exercise three more

Are you listening to your body? As you go through the day notice how
you feel physically. Do you need to drink more water, have a snack or
rest for ten minutes after lunch? Perhaps you need to go to bed
earlier or get up earlier. Take some time throughout the day to
listen to what your body needs. By doing so you will conserve your
energy and have plenty of zest to complete important tasks by the end
of the day!

What do you fancy? Whilst we often know what we need to eat to stay
healthy we don’t always eat the food our body needs. We are all
different in our make-up, so eat foods that make you feel energised.
You will know what they are. Next time you go to the supermarket ask
your body to guide you as to what you need to eat. You may be
surprised at what you are being drawn to buy!

What raises your heart rate? We all know about the health benefits
of regular exercise and yet exercise can be a chore. So find some
form of exercise you do enjoy. Not everyone is suited to pumping
iron at the gym! Perhaps your body would prefer to walk, swim or to
go for a gentle jog. Start doing some exercise that you enjoy three
times a week and your energy levels will soar.

So now that you have read how about how to increase your health,
start putting some of the tips into practice and notice an increase
in your wealth! The more effort you put in the better results you
will see. So start today. After all, you are worth it aren’t you?

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