The Happiness Blog by Sally Trotman

If you had one wish what would it be?

I’m a bit of a fan of the law of attraction. You’ve probably heard of this new age term, where you ask the universe what you want and magically it is brought to you on a shiny gold platter. Well perhaps it doesn’t work quite like that but life can run pretty smoothly if you follow the steps below. So let me talk you through the three stages of living the dream:

INTEND! Set your intention. What do you want? The best way to really know what you want is to ask yourself the miracle question. If a genie arrived with his lamp and asked you, ‘If one wish could be granted what would it be?’. Go with your first answer and you now have your intention. Repeat your wish out loud. Sound carries a strong vibration and will make your wish feel real. Now write your wish down in a couple of sentences, perhaps in your diary or on a calendar. State by when you would like to have your wish granted because this helps you, and the universe, get focused. Begin your intention with ‘I expect’. This is a powerful phrase and indicates that you mean business. Notice how good it feels when you say it! So here is an example for you, ‘I expect to meet my life partner by Christmas’ (everyone knows my top wish now!) You may have all sorts of negative voices in your head as soon as you’ve thought of the wish. Ignore them because we’re going to deal with your inner sceptic in a minute. For now, state your wish clearly three times out loud and then read on to the next part of the magical recipe.

BELIEVE! Believe your wish will be granted with unwaivering faith. Now this is probably the most challenging part of bringing your wish into reality. The more important your wish is to you, the more negative voices will fill your head. After all if there was no resistance to you receiving your wish it would be in your life right now. The first question which will probably pop up is ‘HOW???’ Suddenly your brain goes into overdrive wondering how on earth your wish will be granted. This is not for you to decide! Your soul knows all the answers and will guide you perfectly to where you need to be to receive this wish. So forget the how and simply focus only on what you want. I will repeat that again because this is vital. Focus ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT!!! There is no room for negative thoughts, so ditch them. All your energy needs to be focused on exactly what you want. Expect it and you will get it.

RECIEVE! How? What? Where? Calm that mind down, remember it’s all in hand and your wish is well on its way to you now. When you feel good you attract good things so help yourself feel good by noticing the great things around you RIGHT NOW. Watch the birds gliding gracefully in the sky, play your favourite song or smile to yourself as you think of your best friend. Whatever makes you feel good, keep your attention focused on it, and maintain this attitude of gratitude. After all my life partner isn’t going to want to come anywhere near me if I’m winging about the british weather or rising inflation. Raise your vibration and become a magic magnet by focusing on the good in your life. Another important aspect of recieving is taking action. You will receive many insights from your beautiful soul, guiding you along the path towards your wish, so make sure you take action on these. If you don’t the ideas will fade and the genie’s lamp will go out. Taking action is vital to receiving. Finally relax. Know that your wish is on it’s way to you because the universe is very obedient and wants you to have your best Christmas ever. So intend, believe, receive and you won’t need the genie to grant your wish because you’ve just done it yourself.

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