The Happiness Blog by Sally Trotman


What makes you feel super?

On the 20th January the super new moon was ruled by the airy sign of Aquarius. After a sluggish week or two in the wake of the full moon in Cancer, this fresh Aquarian energy is most welcome. Still in depths of winter, and yet the first buds are breaking through despite the colder climes, it is a time for new beginnings. This may perhaps require a little more effort as we push through the hard ground, but none the less the conditions are right for starting new projects of all kinds. The first new moon of the year today is giving us all the opportunity to set intentions for the year ahead.

If the fairy godmother could wave her wand and grant you three wishes what would they be? This will give you an idea of what is important to you. What makes you feel truly alive? For it will be only these dreams that last the distance. You may have to make sacrifices along the journey, so what are you willing to sacrifice? What do you feel so passionate about that you are willing to patiently follow steps to manifest your desires?

On my yoga mat this morning I asked myself, what will help us all to feel truly super every day? These were my insights:
Take one step at a time – consider at the beginning of each day what you can realistically achieve. Write a list and cross each task off as you complete it. This will give you a sense of satisfaction as you see the progress you are making.

Be patient – boring I know, and a cliche, but unfortunately most our important dreams don’t manifest over night so you will need to patiently watch the process unfold…

Give yourself praise – when you acknowledge your progress and achievements you are more able to take your time and realise that actually, you are moving rapidly along you path to fulfillment.

Listen to your body – this is vital. You will know the difference between feeling a bit lethargic and actually needing to rest. Ask your body in each moment what it is you need.

Listen to others – talk to people you trust to support you in your dreams. It’s important to bounce ideas around with like minded souls, and then take on board advice that resonates with you. No one can infuse as much passion into your dreams as you can, but your closest support team will definitely help you remain focused on your desires.

Take action – this is a simple step but the most vital. Dreams will remain just that if you just dream about them! Take action every day to bring your dreams to fruition. Just one small step will cause a reaction and this will more than likely lead you to exactly where you need to be.

Enjoy the journey – another cliche but so important. If you enjoy every step and have fun along the way, your dreams will manifest far more rapidly and easily than you can possibly imagine.

So take some time over the next few days to consider what makes you feel super! Choose good feeling thoughts in each moment and I’m going to quote Walt Disney again ‘If you can dream it you can do it!’ Good luck and read on to discover how to remain motivated on your journey to living the dream…

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