Replace fears with faith


Did you know that 97% of fears actually never manifest? If you think back over your life to all the things you were worried about in the past, you’ll probably find most of them never materialised. Worry really is negative prayer, and the more we worry the more likely we are to bring those worries into our reality. So what is the best way to stop those nagging fears? There are a few ways to banish doubt and one of the best ways is to trust that all will be well. Whatever happens to you in life you will be able to handle it. Trusting yourself is a key factor in releasing worry. Knowing that you always make the best choices for you, and knowing that no one is perfect takes the pressure off. Deal with life one day at a time. It is very easy to fast forward to possible events in the future and catastrophise, but actually this isn’t helpful and if you simply take life one day at a time, the pressure lifts immediately. What exactly do you need to worry about right now? If you are concerned about something in your life what action can you take to rectify this? Taking action helps to dispel worry. Worry often stems from a feeling of powerlessness. What can you do right now to feel more empowered and more in control of your life? Whether it’s simply changing your perspective on a situation or taking some positive action to remedy a situation, know that you have all the tools, strength and knowledge to deal well with whatever life brings.

Adopting an attitude of gratitude also helps to maintain a balanced viewpoint. It’s quite difficult to worry when you are counting your blessings. So when you find yourself fretting over some aspect of your life, give thanks for what is working and praise yourself for doing a great job. By doing this you are positively affirming your choices, strengths and current life direction. Give thanks for every aspect of your life from where you live, to who you live with, how you earn your living and how you spend your free time. After all you are the creator of your destiny so focus on what is great in your life right now and what you want to create more of. By being grateful in the present moment and keeping a positive expectation of what is to come, you will find that worry is a distant memory. So take some time now to count your blessings and confidently move forward with your plans. You can do it!

What do you need right now?

Much is written regarding the law of attraction and manifesting desires based on the premise of becoming clear about what you want. Consider instead now for a moment, what you really need. This is a very different approach because actually a need is more powerful than a want. You may want to lose weight but do you need to? How do you know the difference between a want and a need? Any situation which is effecting you adversely probably means a change is needed. For example if you had high blood pressure you would need to find ways to lower it because this is threatening your well-being. However another example might be that you want to live in a house with a sea view but is it a need right now? If this becomes a burning need then you will find ways to make this happen. The stronger a need becomes the more likely you are to manifest this situation. Another way to discover what you need is to think on a scale of 1-10 just how important something is to you. This will help you to prioritize your needs.

Take a few minutes today to do a simple exercise to become aware of your most important needs. Write down a few headings including home, work, relationships, friends, family and other. List your most important needs under each heading. For example perhaps you need a quiet, sunny home close to a big town or station if you take the train to work. Consider what you really need in your relationships and what you need from your work. It can be easy to dismiss your most important needs thinking that they are not important or that you don’t deserve these needs to be met, but this isn’t true and to live a fulfilling existence it is important to become aware of what your needs are and how you can meet them. After all no one else knows exactly what you need unless you say. Communicating your most important needs can be difficult at first, so practice with something small and build up to the bigger requirements. By doing this you will become confident that your needs will be met. List also the action you need to take in order for you needs to be met. For example if I need to reach more clients I need to advertise myself more, write more and generally find ways to promote myself. Without taking action this need will not be met. To make it easier partner up with a friend and do the exercise together. Then you can keep each other on track and make sure you are taking steps every day towards meeting your most important needs!

What makes you feel super?

If the fairy godmother could wave her wand and grant you three wishes what would they be? This will give you an idea of what is important to you. What makes you feel truly alive? For it will be only these dreams that last the distance. You may have to make sacrifices along the journey, so what are you willing to sacrifice? What do you feel so passionate about that you are willing to patiently follow steps to manifest your desires?

On my yoga mat this morning I asked myself, what will help us all to feel truly super every day? These were my insights:

Take one step at a time – consider at the beginning of each day what you can realistically achieve. Write a list and cross each task off as you complete it. This will give you a sense of satisfaction as you see the progress you are making.

Be patient – boring I know, and a cliché, but unfortunately most of our important dreams don’t manifest over night so you will need to patiently watch the process unfold…

Give yourself praise – when you acknowledge your progress and achievements you are more able to take your time and realise that actually, you are moving rapidly along you path to fulfillment.

Listen to your body – this is vital. You will know the difference between feeling a bit lethargic and actually needing to rest. Ask your body in each moment what it is you need.

Listen to others – talk to people you trust to support you in your dreams. It’s important to bounce ideas around with like-minded souls, and then take on board advice that resonates with you. No one can infuse as much passion into your dreams as you can, but your closest support team will definitely help you remain focused on your desires.

Take action – this is a simple step but the most vital. Dreams will remain just that if you just dream about them! Take action every day to bring your dreams to fruition. Just one small step will cause a reaction and this will more than likely lead you to exactly where you need to be.

Enjoy the journey – another cliché but so important. If you enjoy every step and have fun along the way, your dreams will manifest far more rapidly and easily than you can possibly imagine.

So take some time over the next few days to consider what makes you feel super! Choose good feeling thoughts in each moment and I’m going to quote Walt Disney again ‘If you can dream it you can do it!’ Good luck and read on to discover how to remain motivated on your journey to living the dream…

Motivate yourself!

I write this blog based on my own personal life learning. The hot topic of the day for me is remaining motivated! This can be quite a challenge in any situation, whether you are running your own business, working hard for your boss, trying to lose weight, wanting to develop a good work/life balance or learning a new language. If you lose motivation, the chances are that you won’t manifest your desired outcome. Let’s take for example a goal which is important to you. It doesn’t matter how big or small this is, some level of self motivation will be required to achieve this. Ok, so have you thought of something you would like to achieve? You probably feel excited, or at the very least aware of a little skip in your tummy as you think of this goal. I’ll use one of my own goals as an example to help you along. It is a work goal and I’m quite emotionally invested in my work as it’s one of my main passions in life! When you have some emotional investment in your goal, you may find you come up against a few obstacles, so you need to remain focused at all times on WHAT YOU WANT!

Are you ready? Keep your goal in mind. Feel the excitement building as you focus on your goal, feel the energy build as you visualise yourself attaining your goal. See yourself in that svelte red dress/smart black suit/BMW convertible/blissfully peaceful state, or whatever it is you want to achieve, and know that this is well within your reach. See yourself living the dream, fulfilling your goal and deriving a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that you have achieved this important milestone.

Back to my example to help you along. I teach meditation to individuals and groups, to help people become clear about what they want and build the confidence they need to fulfil their goals. I would like to teach more classes as I can see how much this benefits participants, so just before I started writing this blog, I took some inspired action. I called a fitness centre nearby to arrange beginning a new Monday morning Meditation class. It took me some effort to do this and I had to ward off a few negative voices whispering devilish comments, but I overcame them, made the call and am now taking bookings for the course. Helping others to feel good makes me feel good. I learn so much as I teach each class, meet some very interesting people and I love seeing every one fulfil their goals. It is worth thinking about why exactly your goal is important to you. This will help you to remain motivated too.

When you see yourself achieving the goal as you make the necessary steps, it will help you to stay motivated. There will of course be times that you have a serious case of CBA! This is perfectly normal. Afterall you are not superman/woman and you are here to learn how to overcome such challenges along the path. Don’t beat yourself up. If you’re having a really low motivation moment, do something different. Go for a walk, take a nap (one of my favourite restorative techniques!) talk to a friend, or tackle an easy part of the task. You’ll soon find your enthusiasm returning and it won’t take much. You’ve probably noticed how fast your mood can alter, so do/think/feel whatever you can to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Keep the faith, and believe that you can achieve your goal. Confidence that you can achieve your goal is the key. Below is a short exercise to help boot your confidence:

Breath in through your nose to the count of three
Breath out through your nose to the count of three
Release any tension you are holding in your physical body as you exhale
Keep your eyes open!!! You need to follow the next few steps consciously…
Imagine a colour that represents confidence to you
Breathe this colour into your upper stomach area
See this vibrant colour filling your whole body
You might even feel tingles in your fingers and toes now!
See this colour expanding out like a balloon beyond your body
See the balloon growing and growing
You feel tall
You feel strong
You are in charge!
You can close your eyes for a few moments now and really intensify the feeling of confidence as this colour pulses through your body
Open your eyes and notice how you feel.

Now you are feeling stronger, more confident and more motivated, it is the perfect time to take one inspired action towards creating your goal. This is vital as without action no reaction takes place. It is probably the most important part of achieving your goals. Now you are feeling super confident you can achieve whatever you want. Afterall why on earth wouldn’t you go for what you really want? Doing anything less than what you 100% desire in life doesn’t really make sense!! When you’ve taken this important action tell someone who is supportive of your dreams. When you speak this achievement out loud you will feel even better. So keep the faith and keep motivated. You can do it!

Cast doubt out!

Do you ever have an amazing brain wave, become very excited about it and then a few hours later, ditch the idea as an unrealistic dream? As Walt Disney says, ‘If you can dream it you can do it!’ and it’s true. Those flashes of inspiration generally come from your soul, which is wanting to guide you in the best way possible to create a joyful existence during your time on earth. So what stops you from taking action to bring your idea into this reality? Fear? Lack of confidence? Or perhaps you’ve taken steps towards manifesting your dream, have faced rejection in some way and have lost the faith. Pursuing your dreams provides some steep learning curves. I’m sure Richard Branson would agree! Having the idea is the fun exciting bit, whilst bringing your dreams into reality can present some challenges. So here are some tips to help you make your dreams reality:

Stay focused on what you want and why – if you remain clear about what you want and aware of the reason why you want to fulfill this dream you will achieve it more quickly.
Share your dream with others – you will need support along the way from like-minded souls to help you create your dream. After all, no man is an island.
Be flexible – sometimes you may need to change the route to fulfilling your dream. If you hit a block which you can’t overcome, change your perspective and know that what you perceive as an obstacle is probably a blessing.
Support yourself – it can be very easy to get frustrated with yourself whilst pursuing your dream, especially when things don’t quite go to plan. Remain supportive of yourself in your thoughts, words and actions. You need to be your best friend on this journey as falling out with yourself can be a danger!
Trust – it’s a cliché but actually trusting in yourself and your dreams is key. If you lose belief in yourself and your dream it will never materialise.

A big part of the human experience is to bring ideas into solid form. We are not living in the age of Atlantis, when thought led to instant manifestation, so remain positive, patient and persevere in the face of adversity. The sense of satisfaction when you take a step closer to your dream will be incredible. Knowing that you are the master of your destiny and that you can create anything you want will give you the energy to continue pursuing your dreams. Remember though to enjoy the journey. Another cliché I know, but perhaps one of the most exciting parts of pursuing your dream is what you learn on the way to attaining your vision.

So keep the faith, stay focused and know, that by taking inspired action today towards fulfilling your dream, will change the course of your destiny for the better.

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