Sally Trotman, make the most of this abundant energy


As I write this blog, the moon is under the influence of the of astrological sign of Cancer. This beautiful planet which lights up our night sky, moves through a different astrological sign every two and a half days. This cycle is repeated every month which gives you the perfect opportunity to explore different aspects of yourself and your psyche depending on what sign the moon is currently moving through.

Certain astrological phases are more favourable to begin new projects for example, whilst at other times you may feel more reflective. We are all susceptible to changes in mood. Just as the moon governs the tides, it also affects our emotional state.

Today, the watery Cancerian influence has brought my attention to the topic of security. What makes you feel secure? Do you feel like you have enough money? Do you feel happy in your home? Do you feel loved by your nearest and dearest? There are many elements which bring about a feeling of security, and we generally equate our inner feeling of security with outer circumstances. Think for a moment about the last time you had a pay rise. I’m sure you felt happy and relaxed knowing that you had a bit more income. The question is, did that feeling last or did you find yourself striving for the next thing, such as a new car or taking a holiday to a more exotic location? As humans it is our natural instinct to strive in order to better ourselves and attain goals to feel successful. It makes us feel purposeful too. As with everything in life, this needs to be balanced. Indeed we do need to pay the bills to remain comfortable, but if this becomes our only focus in life we may end up feeling a little empty.

Next time you find yourself worrying about paying the bills or wishing you felt more supported by those close to you, consider for a moment the root of this worry. Where do you feel it in your body? Is there a colour you associate with this feeling? Are there any other emotions you are experiencing as you zone in a little closer? Imagine for a moment that all is well in your world and that you have absolute trust in yourself. You have everything you need. You feel relaxed and realise that all your needs in this moment are taken care of, because they are. Bring yourself fully back to this moment and be grateful for what you have today. Trust that you will be provided for tomorrow and know that you are never alone.

What can you do today to support yourself? Building inner security is vital to experiencing outer abundance, so consider what you can do for yourself to increase your feelings of peace, trust and self worth. By learning to support, love and trust yourself, the mirror image of life will miraculously return these gifts back to you. Here’s an affirmation to help you support yourself and remain open to receiving :


The more you develop trust in yourself to meet your own needs, the better you will feel. Perhaps even write down at the beginning of each day a list of what you need (this can cover any area of your life from health to home) By becoming clear about what these needs are, and then taking appropriate action in order for these needs to be met, you will feel instantly better. So next time you pray for a lottery win consider why you need this chunk of money and how you can give this sense of security to yourself, right now. The universal law of attraction brings you more of what you already have, so take some time to develop your feelings of inner security and I’m sure you will be amazed at the riches bestowed upon you in many unexpected forms!

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