BLOOM in The Times Top 50 Retreats

Welcome to our first BLOOM Newsletter for the Whole Women, where you will find regular wellbeing tips, recipes, exercises and special offers on our amazing programme of retreats.

We are thrilled this week to have been included in The Times top 50 retreats for 2014, which is fantastic after just one full season. The Times particularly mentioned our Inner Artist Retreat from March 30th – April 4th which is a great gift to your creative self.

Meanwhile, our first retreat for 2014, is coming up end of January. A specially designed detox long weekend by our nutrition expert Ursula Peer who has created this wonderful healthy soup recipe exclusively for you.

Enjoy and see you in the Garden,

Love Lynne, Monika, Robin and the BLOOM Team

BLOOM New Year Detox
Our successful detox is designed to be easily achievable and allows everyone to feel the benefits of an inner-cleanse.
Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, led by international nutritionist Ursula Peer the 3 day detox is the perfect way to assist a transition from an unhealthy diet to a healthy one.

Feel these benefits
Eliminate toxins from your system, which means losing weight and or allowing your stomach to reduce to normal size
Improve vitality and energy levels right away
Improve circulation through purification
Feel enhanced mental clarity
Get to know better eating habits
People with heart problems may notice a more regular heartbeat, diabetes parameters may improve, joints may feel less stressed and more flexible etc.

Here is a recipe – a wonderful start to a detox day
(the better the ingredients – organic, fair trade, regional – the better)

Alkaline vegetable soup
5 cups of the best water available
4 zucchini, finely chopped
2 celery stalks, finely chopped
5 medium carrots, finely chopped
1 cup chopped parsnips or purple carrots
2 peeled, diced potatoes
1 cup chopped green beans optional
1 tsp. finely chopped ginger
1 bunch roughly chopped parsley
1 tbsp. finely chopped lemon zest

Put all ingredients into a large stock pot and bring to the boil, then lower heat and simmer for 20 minutes more.
Add a pinch of Flor de Sal or unrefined sea salt and a tablespoon of the best olive oil available for each serving.
Sprinkle with the magical detox herbs coriander and parsley, finely chopped!
Enjoy as much and as often as you like – serves 4.

BLOOM’s Detox Long Weekend with Ursula Peer:
January 30 to February 2
Cost: £495 + VAT

For more information and to book please contact:

Bloom retreats


As part of our on-going programme for our B.Hive members and friends, we take pleasure in offering you a very special New Year’s gift.

If you book any of our holistic retreats before the end of January we will add one free night’s accommodation to your programme so that you can enjoy an extra day at my magical house, the BLOOM Retreat centre in Deia, Mallorca. So take a look at our exciting new 2014 schedule on the website for full information and join us in the garden!

And, to start off the New Year we are offering an exceptional long-weekend retreat, 30 January-2 February to Detox your body with Holistic Pampering led by 5-Elements Nutrition expert Ursula Peer (read more about Ursula below).

“The food was absolutely out of this world!”
—Maria, Scottish Woman Magazine

Nutrition expert Ursula Peer
The programme, from January 30 to February 2, which costs £495 plus VAT includes:
3-night’s accommodation
three delicious and healthy meals a day
a workshop program
liver wrap
detox baths
individual nutritional counseling
You may also add further holistic treatments by our top practitioners on request.

The group is limited to 8 women so book your place now!

“My room looks out over the mountains and the ocean below with its Own private Terrace.” —Catherine Eade, Daily Mail Travel

Happy New Year from Lynne and the BLOOM Team!

URSULA PEER is a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition. After healing herself using the ancient wisdom of the health-giving and comforting qualities of fresh foods, she left corporate life in order to dedicate herself fully to 5-Elements Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ursula beautifully combines Eastern principles and modern Western lifestyle needs and runs retreats, workshops and cooking classes on Mallorca teaching how to create delicious, healthy, and balanced seasonal dishes. She is also a certified Kinesio Taping Therapist and Touch for Health Practitioner.

Messages from the Yoga mat

Every morning I begin my day with Yoga and Meditation. As I sit on my mat, feeling the glorious Mallorcan sunshine on my skin (or fresh English air depending on where I am practicing!) I begin to still my mind. As I move through a number of yoga postures I receive inspired messages about how to make positive changes in our lives. So read on to discover the messages I have received over the last few months…
Do you believe you deserve to be happy?

Of course, you will probably answer yes straight away! However, on closer inspection of the various different aspects of your life, it may be helpful to acknowledge where you are causing yourself some suffering. Do you struggle in the areas of finances, relationships or health? It’s amazing how we prevent ourselves from being truly happy by holding onto limiting beliefs. Consider for a moment one area of your life which is causing you stress. Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you hold in this area. How are you viewing this area of your life? When you look at the negatives in a person or situation they grow. If you look for just one positive aspect in the situation, this will grow and you will feel better.

We cause ourselves suffering in many ways, through negative self talk, with thoughts such as ‘ I could have done that better’, ‘why did I do that ten years ago’,’what is the point’ and so on. We all talk to ourselves in this way from time to time (some of us more often than others!) and these thoughts disempower you. The key to releasing suffering is to chose positive, empowering thoughts, followed by inspired action.

So if for example you don’t enjoy your work, look at the positive aspects you do enjoy (there will be at least one thing!) and then look for another, and another. You will quickly find quite a few. You will notice your mood changing, a little smile developing perhaps, and a feeling of expansion. It may well be that it’s time to find a new job, and you will certainly attract one if you are feeling positive about your current situation. So remain focused on what inspires you in your current job, and you will quickly attract an even better job for you.

The energies of this year are helping you to hear your truth, to acknowledge what is right for you, what is empowering for you. When you listen to your truth you feel at peace. Negative, self critical talk is not your truth. That is your ego. Acknowledge this aspect of yourself and choose truthful words and thoughts. The truth is always positive, peaceful and empowering. We create separation in our lives when we come from fear. So how do you recognise when you are coming from fear? Simply notice how you feel. If you have a sinking feeling, or a feeling of heaviness around a certain situation you are coming from fear. For example, if you are afraid of flying, you will feel tense or heavy when you think about it. Now change those thoughts. Consider all the wonderful aspects of flying, such as being able to visit new places, time to yourself to read during the journey, being waited on, watching movies…feel your energy change as you focus on the positives.

The same principles need to be applied in all areas of your life. We sabotage and disempower ourselves by focusing on the negatives, so reclaim your power today and find the ray of hope, the positive in every situation and circumstance you find yourself in. This positive energy will then enable you to attract even better situations into your life, and before you know it you will be living the abundant, joyful, blissful life that is your birth right. Put an end to suffering today. It’s only in your mind and you can chose what you think in every moment. So chose positive, empowering thoughts in each moment and miracles will occur..

Improve your health and increase your wealth!

Consider for a moment that money is energy. If your finances need a
bit of a boost, the chances are that your physical energy needs a
boost too. When you feel energetic and inspired your energy levels
are high, and you attract opportunities in all forms including money.
This is why so much is written about using your natural gifts and
talents to create a working life you really enjoy. When you love
what you do resources flow easily too you. However, even when you
have a passion for what you do completing tasks takes energy. If you
feel lethargic and tired, you will lack the motivation to follow
ideas through and this in turn will effect your financial resources.
Read on to discover more about how you can boost your physical energy
and financial abundance…

7 tips to create better health and increased wealth

What are you saying to yourself right now? Are you giving yourself
a hard time, running a critical dialogue through your mind because
you are taking time to read this article? Or are you happy to take
the time out to relax? It’s a cliché but if you learn to treat
yourself well by creating a supportive inner dialogue you will become
your own best friend. If you value yourself not only will your
financial abundance increase but you will also attract many great
friends and associates who value you too.

Can you accept a compliment? Do you readily accept and beam a smile
of gratitude when given a compliment, or do you shrug it off with a
feeling of embarrassment? This is a good monitor of how open you are
to receiving. If you need a bit of a boost in this area try
repeating the following affirmation each day: I believe and accept
that I deserve the best.

How do you reward yourself? This is not about buying a bar of
chocolate when you are happy with what you’ve achieved (although this
can be a good treat from time to time!) This is about recognising
your successes. So think of three things you are proud to have
achieved in the last month. All too often we berate ourselves for
what we haven’t done, so give yourself a pat on the back for
everything you have achieved this month instead.

Do you focus your energy on others? We spend a lot of time thinking
about other people. By doing this exercise every morning you will
quickly begin to raise your energy levels. Stand tall, with your
feet hip width apart. Open your arms out straight and breath in
deeply. Now as you exhale slowly bring your hands towards your heart
as if you are drawing energy towards your body. Rest your hands on
your chest for 5 seconds before repeating this exercise three more

Are you listening to your body? As you go through the day notice how
you feel physically. Do you need to drink more water, have a snack or
rest for ten minutes after lunch? Perhaps you need to go to bed
earlier or get up earlier. Take some time throughout the day to
listen to what your body needs. By doing so you will conserve your
energy and have plenty of zest to complete important tasks by the end
of the day!

What do you fancy? Whilst we often know what we need to eat to stay
healthy we don’t always eat the food our body needs. We are all
different in our make-up, so eat foods that make you feel energised.
You will know what they are. Next time you go to the supermarket ask
your body to guide you as to what you need to eat. You may be
surprised at what you are being drawn to buy!

What raises your heart rate? We all know about the health benefits
of regular exercise and yet exercise can be a chore. So find some
form of exercise you do enjoy. Not everyone is suited to pumping
iron at the gym! Perhaps your body would prefer to walk, swim or to
go for a gentle jog. Start doing some exercise that you enjoy three
times a week and your energy levels will soar.

So now that you have read how about how to increase your health,
start putting some of the tips into practice and notice an increase
in your wealth! The more effort you put in the better results you
will see. So start today. After all, you are worth it aren’t you?

Sally Trotman


My name is Sally and I am a qualified Counsellor, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Reiki Master. I also work with Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot as an intuitive tool to aid increased self awareness. After training as a Counsellor in 1999 I developed a strong interest in the mind/body/spirit connection, which led me to train as a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation Teacher in India. Over the last 13 years I have used my knowledge and skills to work with individuals and groups to help each person recognise and develop their own natural talents, passions and potential.

My work and studies have taken me to destinations worldwide including Egypt, Malaysia, India, New Zealand and Spain where I now live.

Based on the beautiful Balearic island of Mallorca, I run regular retreats here and also offer individual and group sessions at a number of venues in the Palma area. I return regularly to the UK teaching workshops and giving one to one sessions, so please check my home page for dates when I will be in Watford. I also offer Skype sessions online.

Whether you want to learn to relax your mind and body through Yoga and Meditation, or understand more about what you really want out of life, I can help you to make the changes you want to.

I look forward to meeting you!


Meditation with Mantra

Meditation with the use of a mantra is a very powerful means of silencing the incessant chatter of the mind to offer an oasis of peace, union and creativity, and to raise the consciousness to expanded levels of awareness, it allows one to connect with the vibration of sound and to block other sounds or thoughts from interfering with the silent whisper of ones soul.
Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “None of us will ever accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.”

Meditating with a mantra is a means by which one can utilize a sound, syllable, word or phrase to elevate or modify the consciousness, connect with the source of intuition and reduce stress. Mantras are sound currents that can be used in meditation to help to direct or to redirect our energy to higher levels of awareness, to eliminate duality, to help to clear negative thought patterns and to help to re-program the mind with more positive or creative patterns of thought.
Mantra literally means man – mind and trang – wave, vibration or projection.
Meditation with mantras forms an intrinsic part of Kundalini yoga, a technology thousands of years old designed to achieve optimum health through control of the body and mind and to elevate the consciousness.

In the beginning was the word…. and in the words of Yogi Bhajan, Ph d. , the Master who introduced Kundalini yoga into the west, “the universe is held together and kept in balance through the vibration of sound or the word.” The word uni –verse says it all, one single verse creating a union. Scientists from NASA have performed studies which seem to confirm the existence of primordial sounds which penetrate the Universe, the sound of the waves, the wind, a baby’s´ cry and the sounds emitted from planets in outer space all reduce electronically to form the same sound or vibration.

Normally a mantra is a sound taken from an ancient sacred language where by the vibration of the sound, or the rhythm or tone creates a physiological response in the mind or body. This physiological response helps to balance and integrate the nervous system with the endocrine system and leads to regeneration of all the cells of the body. It strengthens the immune system, and improves neurological functioning of the brain. Different sounds cause different centres of the body to vibrate or resonate. Primordial sounds can create a positive reaction in the subconscious mind. Even the way in which the tongue strikes the palate when chanting sacred mantras, can activate the 84 meridians in the roof of the mouth to create physiological changes in mind and body. When these points are stimulated they in turn activate the hypothalamus which in turn activates the pineal gland and the pituitary gland, also known as the master gland of the hormonal system and help to bring balance and optimum functioning to the entire system.
Scientific studies performed by the Kundalini Research Institute  have shown that meditation with a mantra can help in the recovery of health on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Meditation with mantras has also been shown to lower blood pressure, lower the heart rate and to reduce the production of the stress hormones or adrenalin, as well as numerous other benefits.
When we chant a particular sound, our body and energy field resonates with that frequency which thereby enables us to attract and connect to situations, people, events and opportunities vibrating at a similar frequency. We can help to create a change in the universe in which we live through the thoughts we think, the words we speak, and the mantras we chant. Without a doubt if more people were meditating everyday on a simple mantra such as peace to the universe, we would be creating a powerful positive transformation in the uni-verse in which we live and we would all thereby become co-creators in a new world based on love and peaceful co-existence.

Jeanne Lurie


Son Net’s beauty & treatment centre is a place where wellness is nurtured amid the peaceful setting of the Mallorcan countryside; delivering a holistic approach by expert practitioner, Jeanne Lurie who is also a yoga master and experienced Pilates teacher.

Jeanne’s healing hands will sooth all the demands and stresses of modern life away. Massages can be enjoyed either in the La Fuente centre in the hotel or in the privacy of a poolside cabana in the open air.

For more information, please send an email to:

Ten key benefits of Acupunture by Anne Verrinder

As an Acupuncturist, I’m often asked “What are the benefits of acupuncture?” This is a tough question because there are so many benefits! I have tried to limit the answer to ten key benefits, and hope this inspires you to consider acupuncture for yourself.
Ten key benefits of acupuncture include:
1. Improved Health and Quality of Life
This is achieved because acupuncture balances the body’s energy systems. Our life styles, thought patterns and diets create imbalance in the body. Acupuncture helps to balance these energy systems through acupuncture points. These points are gateways to the body’s energy flow. They help to take the “load” off of excess and redirect that Qi (loosely translated as energy) to the areas in your body that are deficient.
2. Stress Reduction
This is also accomplished by balancing your body’s energy. A little stress is actually good for you, but most people today experience far too much of it. Experience these high stress levels day after day makes it very difficult for your body to relax and balance; regular acupuncture treatments are a powerful way to enable this relaxation and balance.
3. Pain Reduction
Helping with chronic and acute pain is one of the most common applications of acupuncture. Arthritis, neck pain, back pain, menstrual pain, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, joint sprains & strains, digestive pain etc. are very commonly helped by acupuncture. If you experience migraine, cluster and other headaches you can often find relief right there on the table. The results can be amazing.
4. Improved and Faster Recovery from Injury, Illness and Surgery
This can be accomplished using acupuncture to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and reduce scaring. “Weekend warrior” types of injuries are known to heal much faster with acupuncture. Many professional sports teams have staff acupuncturists.
5. Emotional Balance
Achieving emotional balance can be both the primary focus of acupuncture treatment and is also a positive “side effect” when you use acupuncture for other reasons. Depression, anxiety, frustration, and worry are a few emotional imbalances treated. Acupuncture points have a physical and emotional aspect to their function and most times both of those aspects are assessed during the acupuncture treatment.
6. Respiratory Health
This can be very effectively achieved with acupuncture! Allergies, asthma, sinusitis, rhinitis are conditions that are positively impacted with acupuncture everyday. Being aware of indoor pollutants – cleaning chemicals, out gassing of plastics & fabrics, molds etc. and taking steps to reduce them can also reduce respiratory imbalances. Nasal irrigation is also very helpful.
7. Insomnia Relief
Insomnia and other sleep issues are also very commonly addressed by acupuncture. Since insomnia and sleep disturbances can be caused from stress, injury, pain and emotional imbalance, good sleep can also be a positive “side effect” when acupuncture is used for other primary reasons. An acupuncture treatment can easily be focused on insomnia and sleep disturbances.
8. Strengthening Your Immune System
This can be accomplished through balancing your body’s energy systems with acupuncture. Stress, illness, environmental toxins, and allergies, are just a few of the causes of a weakened immune system.

9. Premenstrual (PMS) and Menopausal Symptom Relief
I would venture to say that every experienced acupuncturist has helped with PMS and relieving menopausal symptoms. These conditions are very common, of course, and acupuncture is very effective in treating the symptoms associated with them. Headaches, cramping, sleep disturbances, mood swings, night sweats, cycle length and duration, and pimples are just a few of the common symptoms.
10. Reduction of Side Effects of Chemo and Radiation Therapies.This can also be a very powerful benefit of acupuncture. The side effects acupuncture can help include (but are not limited to) coughing, fever, anxiousness, nausea, depression, night sweats, dry mouth, pain, diarrhea, and constipation. Improved quality of life is, without a doubt, experienced by every cancer patient I have treated.
If you know of anyone who may also wonder what some key benefits of acupuncture are and who may be helped by it, please do pass this on to them! or contact me for more information


Call us on +34 971 468 435 or +34 676 333 065 or email us at


Don´t Distress – De-stress

Improve mood, increase energy, uplift spirit and just feel good!
In these challenging, fast paced and fast changing times in which we live, stress is a major factor in every body’s life.
What is much more important than the actual stress or stress factors themselves is the capacity to cope efficiently with the stress. There are innumerable techniques for coping with stress and the prescription for each person is as individual as the stress factor itself, the important point is finding the technique that works for each individual.
Of the many and varied effective techniques, we have aromatherapy, massage, conscious breathing, meditation, yoga, Tái chi, walking, music therapy, art therapy, exercise, the list is endless.

One other vital technique for controlling stress lies in the very foods we eat. We must eat to stay alive and one of the only things over which we do have control and free choice is in what we choose to put into our bodies. Everything that enters our body through the mouth, food, drink, smoke and pills can reduce or increase stress. We can choose nutrient rich foods or we can choose nutrient empty foods. By making a conscious choice in regards to which foods we choose, we can create a balancing, calming or de-stressing effect or we can create an irritating, stimulating, or stress full effect. The choice is ours. There are foods that are known as good mood foods that can change our mood and relax our mind and help us to function optimally. These good mood foods produce endorphin or, feel good hormone in our bodies. With the foods we eat we can also raise or lower the neurotransmitters or chemicals of the brain. “What you eat can affect your mood and how well your brain works,” says Judith Wurtman, Ph.D., a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology research scientist and coauthor of The Serotonin Power Diet.

Serotonin is the mood neurotransmitter that enables us to be peaceful and calm, as well as emotionally and socially stable as opposed to cortisol and adrenalin which increase stress and nervous tension and even can cause us to retain fat especially around our mid –section. Serotonin comes from the essential amino acid tryptophan which occurs naturally in almost all foods containing protein such as low fat turkey, chicken, salmon and sardines as well as avocados, bananas and wheat germ. It is recommended that adults consume a minimum of 300 mg of tryptophan containing foods daily. The feel-good chemical, serotonin cannot be produced by the body without tryptophan. Without serotonin, people feel low.
The body cannot produce tryptophan which is converted by the body into serotonin, so unless we get enough through our diets, we may suffer a deficiency, leading to low serotonin levels. Low serotonin levels are associated with stress, mood disorders, insomnia, anxiety, cravings and irritable bowel syndrome. Mood swings could be indicative of nutritional deficit.
Although stress is not a dis –ease in itself it is a cofactor in nearly all dis-ease, thereby relaxation, inner calm and a positive attitude is a co-factor in optimal health. Too much stress suppresses the immune system, damages the heart and the circulatory system, slows down the metabolism, produces insomnia, and depletes the body of vital nutrients, as well as promoting rapid ageing, weight gain and a host of other stress related ailments.

The top good mood foods
Top on the list of the good mood foods are oats, whole grains, apples, bananas, honey, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, brewer´s yeast, vegetable milk like almond, oat or rice and lettuce, asparagus, spinach, mung beans and tofu.
Basic food groups containing tryptophan:
Dairy products: yogurt, milk, cheese
Protein foods: low fat meat, turkey, chicken, fish, shellfish, eggs
Soy products: tofu, soy milk, soybeans
Legumes: beans, lentils, chickpeas
Sea vegetables: Spirulina, kelp
Whole Grains: oats, brown rice, wheat, wheat germ
Nuts and seeds: hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds
Fruit: mangos, dates, bananas
Vegetables: beats, potatoes
Cocoa: dry cocoa powder, chocolate

Some meal ideas that contain high amounts of tryptophan: Miso soup with tofu and sea vegetables, chicken or turkey salad with whole wheat bread, shrimp fried rice, pita bread and humus, banana date nut bread, chocolate soy milk, mango yogurt smoothie and oatmeal with dates and hazel nuts.

Essential Vitamins and minerals to control mood swings and stress
Zinc –seafood, lobster and oysters, whole wheat, nuts, seeds and eggs. If your body assimilates dairy products you can also include cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt and dairy in your diet, but be aware of the high fat content.
Too much stress may deplete your bodies’ reserve of magnesium, so it is important to include magnesium rich foods such as dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach as well as figs, raisins, seeds and nuts such as pistachio and walnuts. Magnesium helps to relax the muscles.

Calcium, also known as the natural tranquilizer is important in a de-stress diet as it has a tranquilizing effect on the nervous system. Calcium can be found not only in dairy products and soy but also in green leaf vegetables, as well as in sesame seeds and almonds and molasses.
Experts suggest an anti stress diet should include B vitamins, which are found in whole grains, wheat germ, yeast extract, avocados yogurt and dates as well as in dairy and animal products. Your anti stress diet might also include brown rice, rye, oatmeal, quinoa and buckwheat. Vitamin B is the principal vitamin needed in the diet to effectively combat stress as it helps to regulate and sedate as well as strengthen and regenerate the nervous system. Brown rice is not only high in complex B vitamins but also selenium, manganese and iron, which are important vitamins and minerals that may help to relieve stress. Brewer´s yeast is an important supplement to add to the diet when under heavy mental pressure or physical pressure or stress, it has proteins and vitamins and acts to detox and to relax. Vitamin B 6, folic acid, magnesium and vitamin c are all necessary for the body to metabolize the tryptophan.
Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, blackberries and kiwi, cabbage and broccoli are an especially good tonic for the nervous systems and should be included in the diet as they have the capacity to pull toxins out of the body and for the anti-oxidant properties. Be sure to also include Vitamin A and E also for the antioxidant properties to prevent the formation of free radicals.
Complex carbohydrates -Carbohydrates cause the body to make insulin, which allows tryptophan, an amino acid that’s a precursor to serotonin — the brain’s natural “feel good” chemical and appetite suppressant — to get into the brain. Carbohydrate cravings can be explained as a subconscious drive to increase serotonin levels,”


Don´t forget to include plenty of water in your daily diet and to learn some simple conscious breathing exercises. Every cell in the body requires a molecule of water and of oxygen to function optimally. Failing to drink enough water or breathe deeply can cause every cell of the body to be under stress. Make sure that your dining area is peaceful and free of clutter and excessive noise. Turn off the news (the news is normally not conducive to relaxation) and enjoy some quiet music and conversation. Last but not least make sure to place the most important ingredient of all in your dishes, a positive and grateful attitude and prepare the food with consciousness, love and affection as you are what you eat and the energy with which you prepare your dishes is also absorbed into the food and thereby assimilated into the body. Take a few seconds before beginning the meal to silently allow your eyes to savor the colors and your nose to enjoy the aromas and to offer thanks to the living plants and creatures who have sacrificed their lives in order that you may continue with yours and to try to honor them in the way in which you live your life.
Jeanne Lurie

Spa Manager La Fuente Gran Hotel Son Net Puigpunyent,


Yoga and meditation teacher, stress management coach, nutritionist, naturopath, masseur and bio-energy techniques.
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