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Delivery-World are specialists in delivering yachts. Our expertise and experience guarantees safe, reliable and affordable transfer of your valuable property from one location to another.

Delivery-World was founded in 1997 with the aim of filling a gap for a professional yacht delivery service. Our name is our guarantee, and our business has grown mainly through repeat business and referrals from satisfied customers.

We arrange Yacht Cargo shipping, deliveries by land or sea.

Our professional crew delivers Racing-Yachts, i.e. Volvo Ocean60s, Sailing-Yachts, Power-Yachts and Ships worldwide on their own keel.

In cooperation with our partners worldwide:

Spaiin – Germany – Canaries – Caribbean – Dubai – Thailand

Yacht Deliveries

Delivery-World are specialists in delivering yachts.

Our expertise and experience guarantees safe, reliable and affordable transfer of your valuable property.

We can arrange for delivery skipper, insurance, de-rigging and rigging, custom made shipping cover, independently supplied surveys, documentation…everything to make the transportation of your boat or yacht as easy, and cost effective as possible.

You can benefit from the full range of our services:

Yacht -Transport on Cargo – Ship
In cooperation with our partners we´re offering professional transport aboard freighters.Aside from our timetabled services, we can arrange for your yacht to be shipped to more or less any location of your choice. We ensure that our Port Agents carry out all handling procedures to exacting standards and we have our own stock of specialised shipping cradles and an in-house team of professional Load Superintendents.

The pre check will ensure that the vessel is in appropriate condition prior to the trip so that the delivery will run as smoothly as possible.

Any work deemed necessary will be itemised and the owner informed. If required Delivery-World will quote for, oversee and contact all relevant bodies to undertake any repairs.

Once we have received the required pre-payment, we will then commence arrangements for carrying out the delivery.

Contact us for preparation of no-obligation delivery quote:

Yacht deliveries on sea
The Captains and Crew are sourced for each individual delivery depending upon the requirements for the passage. All are experienced seamen with qualifications. We ensure that our clients are kept informed at every stage of the delivery process for

  • Sailing-Yachts
  • Power-Yachts
  • Ships of all sizes
  • Racing-Yachts

Yacht -Transport Mallorca and Europe overland
We arrange for all aspects of the transport over land for your yacht. We will manage this complex process and also arrange for any ancillary services to take place, for example shrink wrapping or other coverings.

The quote is completely without obligation and free of charge.

Based on the information you send us, we will prepare a quote, and will send you a quote with contract.

To confirm the delivery, please return the contract to us, duly signed. 

For any further information on any of our services, please contact us


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White Star Charter

White Star Charter


Lady Tatiana of London

Luxury Motor Yacht Charter Spain


Lady Tatiana is an 85′ luxury motor yacht that sleeps up to 12 guests in
luxurious en-suite cabins. The yacht is also coded for up to
12 guests for day charter cruises.

A luxury motor yacht charter Company based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, with all the charter licenses for cruising in the Balearics, Mediterranean, Spain, Riviera, France, Europe, French Riviera, Cote d’Azur, Cannes, Monaco and Valencia. We are also available for Monaco & Valencia Grand Prixs, corporate events, day charter, special events, dinner party’s, birthdays, anniversaries, Honeymoons, once in a life time occasions; conferences with dinner, film or TV shoots and around-Mallorca golfing vacations.

Lady Tatiana of London is a skippered luxury motor yacht with a minimum crew (depending on charter guest requirements) of the captain, deck hand/stewardess, Stewardess and Chef. The crewed super yacht is ideal for motor sailing vacations, luxury vacations and luxury holidays. Lady Tatiana provides 5 permanent guest cabins all with en-suite bathrooms that accommodate up to 12 guests sleeping on board, and on rare occasions one of the en-suite crew cabins can also be used as an additional guest cabin.

Lady Tatiana, A superb Luxury motor yacht charter Spain.

Layout and Plan

Lady Tatiana is one of very few legal charter yachts based in Mallorca that is coded for charter for 12 guests and 6 crew sleeping on board. This is only achievable because of her huge volume, very unique and excellent accommodating layout.

As well as catering for 12 guest sleeping on board she affords sunbathing areas that can collectively accommodate all the guests as well a dinning area that will dine 12 and an cockpit seating area for 12 as well as seating for 12 for dinning on the fly bridge.

The alfresco bar on the fly bridge comfortably seats 6 and there is a further bar in the aft cockpit area on the main deck.

The layout plans are as follows:

Aboard Lady Tatiana we have a Zodiac 3.8m rib with a Yamaha 40HP outboard. We are also planning to have a jet Bike for the 2012 season (Please note that there is no guarantee on this and that NO GUEST WILL BE ALLOWED TO USE THE JET BIKE, SHOULD ONE BE AVAILABLE, WITHOUT AN APPROPRIATE licence AND WITHOUT THE CAPTAINS PERMISSION). You can, with the Yamaha rib and out board, water ski as well as enjoy surfing with the ringo and banana. Further water entertainment includes snorkelling gear and playing with two kayaks and the second dinghy (which we ordinarily carry).





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Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to give us a call at the number below or use our enquiry form.

Tel (UK): +44 7508014648
Tel (ES): +34 600118354

















New Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition presented in Monte Carlo

n association with Monaco Boat Service, during the Monaco Historic Grand Prix, Wider presented
in Monte Carlothe new Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition, the evolution of the day cruiser which
wrote a new chapter in pleasure boating.

A year after the world première of the most innovative and performing day cruiser on the market
today, Tilli Antonelli and his team, always heedful of boat owners and prospects demand, have
developed some interesting new on-board features. Whilst still maintaining the fundamental
characteristics of the project, they have made the yacht even more efficient, functional and
flexible in order to adjust to any requirement, especially in terms of energy saving.

The new Wider 42’ Cote D’Azur Edition represents an evolution of the original model, a new version
the conception of which has been possible thanks also to the precious suggestions of Monaco Boat
Service and in particular of Mrs. Lia Riva, who has been contributing to the success of European
pleasure boating.

The evolution lies in further lightening the yacht where the use of carbon is again a fundamental
ingredient. The new layout of the cockpit provides for a great flexibility thanks to interchangeable
solutions, where a lunchtime dinette has been fitted out in the center of the cockpit – the very heart of
the boat – entirely made of carbon, with a table that is raised electrically and can be turned into a
comfortable sundeck or smart chaise longue.
To service this area a unit equipped as an outdoor galley which includes a sink, large central work
surface with teppanyaki griddle and a 51 lt. movable ice-box has been designed so owners and their
guests can have soft drinks and fresh fruit to hand at all times. A ceramic glass burner and a 50Ltr.
built-in fridge can also be added on request.

The new layout of the external furnishings makes it possible to accommodate up to 12 people
seated comfortably.

Moreover, the driving console now has additional space where essential items for life onboard, such as sun
cream, mobile phones and sunglasses, can be stowed.

Her lines characterised by well-known designer Fulvio De Simoni, the new Wider 42’ inaugurates the
fleet and launches the wider cockpit category, proposing herself as a day-cruiser with strong design
features, to be driven and enjoyed in an extraordinary mixture of adrenalin and fun. She is ready to transform
and adapt to many different demands and offer a wide range of solutions for guaranteeing comfort and stability
which were previously unthinkable in a yacht of this size. Wider 42’ is one of a kind as she is able to double
the usable surface area of the cockpit and achieve astounding stability in just 12 seconds, thanks to two
extensions either side of the hull operated by means of an automatic patented system.




Wider epitomises the modern concept of energy saving, focussing on using engines and aerodynamic shapes
in materials able to guarantee huge savings in consumption and a lower environmental impact. This has
been possible thanks to the shape of the so-called stepped hull which enables the yacht to maintain a
highly dynamic sailing trim, improving performance and guaranteeing constant visibility.
The stepped hull, in fact, comes from racing yachts, whilst it is still rather unusual in pleasure boating.
It is by no chance that the design of the Wider 42’ hull was entrusted to Mark Wilson, one of the top experts
in the field of racing yachts, who also designed those with which his son won the World Championships three times,
once in class P2 and twice in class P1.
The excellent weight/power ratio of the Wider 42’ enables her to reach a top speed of 50 knots and a cruise
speed of 40 whilst registering consumption of just 110 lt./h for the two 480hp Cummins engines. The result
is a range of over 350 miles at 40 knots, previously unthinkable for a yacht of this kind. versatility, design,
comfort and new materials

The versatility of the various environments characterizes both the cockpit furnishings and interior
layout of the boat, which guarantees complete comfort during a day at sea. Going down into the cabin,
there is a kitchenette to the left, with a double fridge unit, freezer and ice-maker totaling 160 lt.,
a work surface with sink, ceramic glass hob with one burner and housing for an optional
microwave above. The dinette is furnished with C-shaped seating with upholstery which can be personalized
facing a flat screen LED TV- The seating can be turned into a large, comfortable double bed in case
of need, in order to guarantee complete comfort during the night.

To the right there is the head, fitted with a large crystal shower cubicle, washbasin and carbon toilet,
in line with the rest of the essential, modern furnishings. The classical cabinets for stowing belongings
have been replaced in the living area with leather bags in which those onboard can pack all they need for
their stay on the boat at home, and then hang them on the broadsides and take them home at the end of the
cruise, instead of cases. A fun park at sea

The characteristics of the Wider 42’ make her an out fun park to experience in the open sea:
the classical heavy, cumbersome fixed fibreglass seating has been replaced with inflatable seats.
When necessary they can be also be used as floating airbeds and seats in the water for total relaxation –
completely removing the dividing line between yachts and the sea. Produced in
transparent polyurethane and equipped with a small compressor, when not in use the seats can be replaced
in the space of the broadsides of the mobile terraces. Moreover, in order to guarantee maximum versatility
of use of the Wider 42’, it is possible to choose between two different layouts for the stern: the first with
a 3.4m jet ski in an uncovered garage; the second with sundeck and hangar, which can house a 2.75m tender and
offer further stowage space that can be used for diving equipment for example.
The layouts are interchangeable and owners can simply choose to have a large, comfortable stern sundeck as well.

Motor Yacht Sofia Showcases value of partnership with owners and suppliers

Construction is proceeding apace at Moonen Shipyards in the Netherlands on the 42-metre luxury motoryacht Sofia. As is the case with any genuinely custom project, changes and additions are still being made to the design and facilities as the build progresses, meeting the owner’s requirements in every respect. And as the largest Moonen to date takes shape, the value of partnering with best-in-class suppliers is also clear to see.

The 42-meter Sofia is one of three major builds currently under construction at Moonen alongside two refit projects. The other new superyachts are an explorer and a fast displacement vessel, emphasizing the unrivaled diversity on offer at Moonen. The same goes for the wide range of skills and disciplines available in-house, which are supplemented by close relationships with many leading marine equipment supply companies.

These partnerships are coming to the fore as the build of Sofia continues on schedule and within budget. The owner’s close involvement in the project adds to the sense of excitement as key milestones are passed. Among the recent changes he has requested in this evolutionary process has been to upgrade the dashboard to an integrated foil bridge. Moonen is implementing this in cooperation with Tijssen Elektro.

Meanwhile, the entertainment system is being engineered and installed, increasing in sophistication all the time to include a full Kaleidoscope video server with Samsung Smart LED TVs and multi-room control (including lighting, blinds and climate control) via i-Pad. And the yacht’s atrium will be executed with a custom piece of Concetto art made and supplied by Ceaser Stone in Israel.
An earlier change to the specs for Sofia saw the owner decide to extend the yacht by a further four feet in order that she could carry a submarine from U-boatworx capable of seating one captain and two passengers instead of the originally intended two in total. Sea trials on this submarine will begin in Malta in mid-May while back in Holland the dedicated launch crane is being pre-assembled and tested before final installation onboard the yacht.

+31 (0) 73 621 00 94 For more information

Rule Britannia: Princess 64

I need to be very clear about this. I am an Anglophile. I love the Brits, I love their warm beer and kidney pie, I love their cheerful cabbies and helpful bobbies, and I even love their often-soggy weather. And I love their boats.

The Princess 64 is no exception. This model is like a breath of fresh air on a spring day in the English countryside. Although the Princess 64 is decidedly Euro in her swoops and curves, drawing her DNA more from Sophia Loren than from Margaret Thatcher, she is a lovely yacht and she will draw admiring looks whether the marina is in Ipswich or Block Island, Dubai or San Diego.

The Brits also know how to build boats. It’s not just that there was a time when the sun never set on The Empire or that the Royal Navy once ruled the waves; it’s more about being an island nation, surrounded by truly rough water. The English Channel has such appalling conditions that it kept invaders at bay for centuries, even though they could clearly see the white cliffs of Dover. The North Sea? Just another synonym for nasty. Same for the Irish Sea.

So British boats are built long on strong, and the Princess 64 is as tough as nails under that silken exterior. Cleats, thoughtfully positioned handrails and the all-important lifeline stanchions are bolted through solid backing plates so there is never a question of strength.

Anti-slip surfaces are excellent, but the Princess folks, true Brits at heart, know that a planked teak deck gives sure footing whether you’re handling dock lines on a rainy day or fighting at the Battle of Trafalgar. So standard equipment on the Princess 64 includes a teak cockpit sole, teak on the bridge, teak on the swim platform and teak steps to the bridge and side decks. And this isn’t just the usual skimpy teak veneer, but solid planks that will take all the abuse you can dish out.

Horatio Nelson’s flagship was wood, of course, but that hasn’t stopped Princess from embracing modern technology with full push-pull resin infusion throughout the 64 —  including not just the hull and deck, but also the deck hatches, inner liners and all other ancillary parts. It also does something very smart: Clear gelcoat is used below the waterline so that any voids or flaws can be seen as soon as the hull pops out of the mold. Clear gelcoat also makes it much easier if repairs are needed, since any damage is visible. Above the waterline, Princess uses PVC coring for strength and insulation from both temperature and sound.

So is the Princess 64 a new design? Well, sort of. She is, in fact, an evolution from the Princess 63, but it’s a bit confusing because the 63 was actually 62 feet 6 inches, while the new 64 is 64 feet 10 inches, or 2 feet 4 inches longer. The supposed length in the title doesn’t reflect the gains made with the 64, which has a much larger cockpit with enough room for a wraparound settee rather than the usual bench seat against the transom.

Both hulls (and, in fact, the entire Princess line) were designed by Bernard Olesinski, and they have a comfortable, solid and reassuring seaworthiness under way. Double strakes and a hard chine that rises above the waterline at the bow soften the ride in those square-edge seas of the English Channel, and they also roll the water out to the side rather than back in your face.

Standard equipment includes a hydraulic/electric swim platform that serves as the tender storage and launching system, which eliminates the need for either a bulky davit or a transom garage, which would take up interior room. (One owner is planning to put a 12-foot Boston Whaler on the platform, which gives you an idea of the space available.) And, with the tender launched, the platform makes a delightful semisubmerged “beach” for swimming.

The cockpit, as I mentioned, benefits from the additional length with a full lounge, but before I get to the fluffy interior, I have to admire the crew cabin. With no tender garage, there is room for a truly civilized two-berth crew cabin complete with — get this — an en suite head with shower stall. This isn’t the usual European crew cabin that would make solitary confinement at Alcatraz seem appealing, but a comfy getaway with an entry that doesn’t make everyone move off the settee. Since the 64 would be a breeze for a couple to handle, the crew cabin would, I think, be perfect for a couple of teenagers who can play video games and loud music without disturbing anyone.

Triple-frame sliding doors open the interior to the cockpit, and you must notice that this is essentially a one-level living area: The salon incorporates the entertainment area, dining table, galley and lower helm in one seamless space. A pop-up TV is aft, facing a U-shape lounge with cocktail table, surrounded by the black cherry joinery on our test 64, though oak and walnut are also available. The finish was satin rather than the usual high-gloss finish found on many imported yachts, making it very easy to flawlessly touch up.

The galley is open (sliders can partition it on the after side) and pleasant, with a stand-up Waeco refrigerator, oversize self-closing drawers and a dedicated crockery drawer perfectly fitted for the set of Princess china dinnerware. One thing that you quickly notice if you poke around a bit on the 64 is that Princess does a superb job of using every bit of space to create useful stowage: under the settees, beneath counters, even under the cocktail table.

The dinette comfortably seats eight, which I mention because so many manufacturers forget how many berths they have when creating the dinette. In this case, a pair of stools that store neatly under the forward berth provide all the extra seating needed.

The lower helm clearly comes from the nation that brings us the Aston Martin, with a pair of superbly upholstered leather bucket seats and a dashboard that is easy to scan. Standard electronics are a full Simrad package, including radar, chart plotter and GPS, although our test boat had been fitted with Furuno as an owner’s option.

At the skipper’s elbow is a door to the side deck, adding to the ease of handling the 64 short-handed. But wait! This isn’t just your usual pantograph door. First, it’s made of carbon fiber so it’s really light, and second, it closes with an electric lock, making the kind of whooshy noise I imagine astronauts hear as they are sealed into their capsule. Way cool.

I also have to note that the line of sight from the lower helm is exceptional. Because of the open nature of the salon, the skipper has only a teensy blind spot right behind his head (the fridge), but even the sight lines to the corner of the stern are good.

The staterooms are everything you’d expect from a boatbuilder owned by Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy. No, there’s no Vuitton pattern on the seats and not a champagne bucket in sight, but it’s pure luxe throughout. Just getting to the cabins is an experience, from the gentle stairs with an atrium effect overhead to the rails wrapped in exquisite stitched leather.

The master stateroom spans the full beam amidships, with a stylish padded headboard for the king-size centerline berth and huge ports that provide a view of the surroundings. A note on these ports: Rather than the usual separately fitted panes used on many yachts, Princess uses a massive single frame with its own mullions, recessed in the hull side for protection.

The master has the usual bureau, to starboard, but with a cute fillip: The vanity pulls out so the berth becomes the seat. To port is a chaise that Dr. Sigmund Freud would have loved in his office, and I give Princess great credit for hanging lockers that are full length. The master head features a teak sole and a huge shower.

Forward, the VIP stateroom also has an en suite head with a circular shower and generous stowage. In between the two staterooms are a stacked-bunk cabin to port and a double-berth cabin to starboard with private access to the day-head with shower. The two berths slide together at the touch of a button to become a double, and the mechanism is neatly hidden too.

The bridge is perfect for fine days, with a large settee (again for eight!), a wet bar/galley with barbecue, refrigerator drawers and sink, and the predictable sun pad aft. This is a British yacht, after all, so the wind protection is exceptional, with a windscreen forward and Perspex dodgers aft that don’t block the view.

The skipper and a companion inhabit two helm seats behind a fiberglass console, and a bench seat opposite seats two more guests. And as elsewhere on the Princess 64, sturdy rails provide security.

Power for our test boat was a pair of 1,150-horsepower Caterpillar C18 ACERTs, which are the most powerful of the three engine options. Smallest is a pair of 900-horsepower Volvo D13s, with the detuned 1,015-horsepower Cat C18 option in the middle.

The Brits may be cutting-edge in their construction, but they have chosen to stay with conventional shaft drives rather than join the rush to pod systems, for several good reasons. First, the system doesn’t require any modifications to a well-proven hull, and second, shaft drives are easily serviced worldwide. Next, it keeps the engine weight amidships to reduce the bow angle, and last, it allows for those spacious crew quarters plus a lazarette for a generator and systems.

That doesn’t mean you lose any of the nimbleness attributed to pod drives, because Princess offers joystick controls that link the engines with the variable-speed electric bow thruster for one-handed control. Our test boat had the optional stern thruster, which links with the joystick as well, and, with the locking function, the thrusters can be used to hold the yacht against a pier while docking short-handed.

Performance of our test boat with the larger engines was surprisingly quick, which is a tribute to the light but strong construction and the slippery hull design. We topped out at nearly 34 knots, averaged on two-way runs. That’s not bad for moving some 33 tons — plus, in our case, full fuel and half water.

Steering is sports-car easy, and, depending on how often you want to visit the fuel dock, she has a cruising speed of 27 to 30 knots. Why give a spread? Because our test figures showed that she has exactly the same range (257 miles) at either 26.7 knots or 30.8 knots. Again, a tribute to a well-balanced and efficient hull.

The Princess 64 is imported by Viking Sport Cruisers, which takes the basic yacht and then greatly expands the standard equipment list. These upgraded yachts are built to Viking specifications to meet or exceed all U.S. Coast Guard, American Boat and Yacht Council and National Marine Manufacturers Association regulations and recommendations.

Among the equipment added or changed by Viking Sport Cruisers is the upgraded Cat C18 ACERT engines, the electrical system (to U.S. 120 volts/60 Hz), central vacuum, upgraded generator (to 21.5 kW), vacuum heads and a turnkey package including linens, china and cutlery.

As you can guess, I liked the Princess 64 a lot. Built tough but luxuriously fitted, fast but seaworthy, she should be on your short list at the next boat show.

Test Conditions: Speeds were measured by GPS off Riviera Beach, Florida, with flat seas and light winds, a full load of fuel, ½ load of water and four people aboard. Fuel consumption was calculated by the electronic engine-monitoring system. Sound levels were measured at the helm.

RPM     Knots   GPH    dB(A)
600    7.3    1.0    68
900    9.6    6.0    68
1200    11.8    23    70
1500    15.9    42    74
1800    22.2    73    76
2100    28.8    89    76
2350    33.7    114    76

LOA: 64’10”
BEAM: 16’7”
DRAFT: 4’9”
DISPL.: 66,140 lb.
FUEL: 900 gal.
WATER: 240 gal.
ENGINE OPTIONS: 2 x 900 hp Volvo Penta D13 diesels
ENGINES TESTED: 2 x 1,050 hp Cat C18 ACERT diesels
BASE PRICE: Upon request

Viking Sport Cruisers, 877-846-9874;

By Chris Caswell / Published: February 15, 2012


Slide into Serious Charter Fun

The 161-foot Feadship Teleost had this one on display at the recent Antigua Charter Yacht Show, just to make sure every broker in the world knows the yacht is now part of the fast-growing club that have them. Other megayachts now offering inflatable water slides include the 145-foot Heesen At Last, the 154-foot Admiral Ohana, the 161 Trinity Glaze, the 130 Westport Miss Michelle, and the 168-foot Oceanco Lazy Z.

Because each yacht is a design unto itself, each water slide has to be custom made. They can cost about $20,000 to have built and fitted—which makes them a great deal for yacht owners, too, when compared with charter tenders and toys that burn fuel.
Teleost Water Slide
Just remember to ask the crew to pour some water down the slide before you take your first run. We’ve heard a few reports of overzealous charter guests not so much sliding as squeaking their way to the water’s surface!

The Unofficial Start of Summer

This year’s Monaco Grand Prix is scheduled May 24-27 while the Cannes Film Festival is slated to take place May 16-27. And yes, the overlapping dates mean it’s possible to charter a yacht for the start of Cannes this year and then cruise down to Monaco in time to dock there for the races.
A good number of megayachts are still available for these events, including several that can accommodate at least 100 people for parties at the dock. Any reputable charter broker can help you book not just a great yacht for the events, but also score prime dockage at the Cannes or Monaco marinas—which can be hard to come by if you wait too long to book.

With just three months until the red carpets line the docks, now is the time to book your trip to theCannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix.